"We'll be there for Harvey Elliott" | Klopp speaks after Elliott's injury & Salah's 100th PL goal

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp says everyone is in shock after Harvey Elliott suffered a terrible injury against Leeds, and insists they will all be there for the 18-year-old during his recovery.
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  1. Justin Boyd

    Justin Boyd

    10 timer siden

    Klopp has a beautiful soul.

  2. an08p


    21 time siden

    Evil eyes from jealous rivals struck liverpool since they wont he league

  3. kazzz room

    kazzz room

    Dag siden

    He is a great manager

  4. Oker Kojak

    Oker Kojak

    Dag siden

    YNWA= You’ll Never Walk Again

  5. Kulveer Diocee

    Kulveer Diocee

    2 dager siden

    Harvey is my favourite player not just because if the way he plays and that hes so young, it's because of the bravery he has

  6. Bruno Vucko

    Bruno Vucko

    2 dager siden

    He wont be the same player ever again 95% remember Eduardo da Silva injury by Martin Taylor 2007

  7. Rather Not

    Rather Not

    2 dager siden

    Referees mandating to allow the game to flow allows defending teams to make those last split second tackles. This injury to a kid with so much talent is on the administrators of the English game. Klopp held back these words; not tears! Get well soon son Harvey

  8. A H

    A H

    2 dager siden

    Will be a very sad day when this man is no longer our manager 😥

  9. The Germ

    The Germ

    3 dager siden

    What happened between the Leeds fan who was behind klopp. They were having a few words back and fourth

  10. Tony Haven

    Tony Haven

    3 dager siden

    I don't know how they get through these interviews without crying some times, I was nearly crying when you could see him choking up a bit, these kids are like sons to him and it's heartbreaking

  11. Mikey Lee

    Mikey Lee

    3 dager siden

    Klopp is a liar man, study his body language when he was asked about what he said to the referee, before this point he was looking at the interviewer and had his head up, when asked about the referee he put his head down and looked at the ground .. he said it was nothing important and immediately licks his lips, liars do this.. he influenced the referee into making the decision to pull out the red card. If you watch the part in the game when everyone is on the field, watch how klopp reacts when Van Dijk offers condolence to Struijk, Van Dijk puts his arm on Struijk’s shoulder to tell him it’s okay, Klopp was watching him the whole time and raised his eyebrows in shock when his put his arm on. Klopp actually watched Van Dijk’s full approach towards Struijk to see what he would do and was disappointed in Van Dijk as a result. This proves that there was a bias from Klopp’s part.

  12. The Rothchilds

    The Rothchilds

    3 dager siden

    Liverpool just won 3 nil but Klopp’s reaction and demeanor looked like he lost the champions league final. He really cares about his player. He would take a loss over a serious injury of one of his players.

  13. Adrinopaulindromeus


    3 dager siden

    God, he loves Harvey.

  14. Adam McHugh

    Adam McHugh

    3 dager siden

    Klopp, what a human and professional. YNWA Harv'

  15. Gamingforlegends


    3 dager siden

    Get well soon Harvey Elliott. Always horrible seeing such a talented young player suffer a horrific injury.

  16. shookspear


    3 dager siden

    He wanted to explain that this is why he was complaining after the Burnley game where Elliot an 18 year old child was clearly being targeted by grown men and the refs let them for the "flow of the game". But Klopp knew he'd be too emotional and may say something he regrets or start crying. He genuinely cares for ALL the players but the media always finds a way to spin it as "mind games" for their own fake narratives. Must be frustrating...

  17. Zubair Q

    Zubair Q

    3 dager siden

    He’ll be back stronger and better than ever! You’ll never walk alone💪🏼❤️

  18. J Dodger

    J Dodger

    3 dager siden

    DIdnt know Klopp knew who The Rembrandts were. FRIENDS was obviously big in Germany as well.

  19. Unknown User

    Unknown User

    3 dager siden


  20. craig reynolds

    craig reynolds

    3 dager siden

    What a joke Klopp is, felt for the young lad with the injury, but the way he acted in that situation, he got struik sent off for a fair challenge, Hope the fa ban him for encroaching the pitch

  21. sheepdogman1


    3 dager siden

    Not very good of the scouse fans singing “you’ll never walk alone” when he has knacked his ankle

  22. Kucnaj Lotnok

    Kucnaj Lotnok

    3 dager siden


    • Kucnaj Lotnok

      Kucnaj Lotnok

      3 dager siden

      @Riyad J678 yeah lol

    • Riyad J678

      Riyad J678

      3 dager siden

      @Kucnaj Lotnok ah yes someone's career almost ending is histerical ain't it

    • Kucnaj Lotnok

      Kucnaj Lotnok

      3 dager siden

      @Riyad J678 just funny

    • Riyad J678

      Riyad J678

      3 dager siden

      @Kucnaj Lotnok how is that so funny?

    • Kucnaj Lotnok

      Kucnaj Lotnok

      3 dager siden

      @Riyad J678 the injury

  23. Christoffski


    3 dager siden

    Loved watching him carry the ball with such ease. So gutted for him. Hope it doesn't derail him.



    3 dager siden

    Would've been FPL gold. Thanks Struijk..

  25. Dinky Man

    Dinky Man

    3 dager siden

    United fan here, wishing Harvey Elliot a full and early recovery.

  26. Wafi Rosli

    Wafi Rosli

    3 dager siden

    Did u get a good view? Honestly what kind of question is that??

  27. C B

    C B

    4 dager siden

    I know it’s a cliché but he’ll come back stronger, he has age on his side. Modern medicine and physio have come on leaps and bounds. Keep ya chin up kid!

  28. WirableWig


    4 dager siden

    And the academy award goes to......

  29. Alexdaboss 29

    Alexdaboss 29

    4 dager siden

    U cannot call urself a football player if you probably ruin a 20 years old football career, defender should be pebalized

    • Ultimate Halo

      Ultimate Halo

      3 dager siden

      Unfortunately it's one of those things that happens every now and again in football and Struijk didn't mean for that to happen. It was a strong challenge, I personally think it was a fair one too. Even Elliott himself said it was not a red card, but sadly it was an awkward land for the both of them and Elliott came off worse. Hoping he gets better soon.

  30. Christina Ng

    Christina Ng

    4 dager siden

    Speedy Recovery! God bless!

  31. Donald Ellis

    Donald Ellis

    4 dager siden

    Didn't see the incident so no comment just hope the young fella gets better soon utd fan.

  32. Carlito Gio

    Carlito Gio

    4 dager siden

    Get healed soon 🙏 from a cfc fan.

  33. The Culture Of Man Chad

    The Culture Of Man Chad

    4 dager siden

    This dude truly feels for his players. He looks so distraught.

  34. el Saj

    el Saj

    4 dager siden

    We were warned about injuries and lack of signings.. We just lost the one player that looks comfortable in midfield and can also play the Salah position when it's time for rotation or injury to Salah!! Chamberlain looks shaky, Origi is Origi just doesn't fit the Liverpool system surprised why he hasn't left!!, Shaqiri is gone, Can you even trust Minamino!? Fsg is crap and klopp is a "yes man" I don't believe there is a manager who doesn't want signings

  35. Jimmy Beans

    Jimmy Beans

    4 dager siden

    Harry Kane loving it

  36. Isa's Football Corner

    Isa's Football Corner

    4 dager siden

    He looks much better with the beard

  37. Fire Drake

    Fire Drake

    4 dager siden

    Wish him a speedy recovery. That said, in reality I’m afraid it’s likely career over for the lad.

  38. Pablo Shicoan

    Pablo Shicoan

    4 dager siden


  39. David Brookbank

    David Brookbank

    4 dager siden

    Blackburn Rovers fan here, best wishes to Harvey for a very speedy recovery - great player. Liverpool also have a great manager in Klopp - top bloke.

  40. David Wong

    David Wong

    4 dager siden

    wonder kid Get well soon❤🙏

  41. Bruce Jackson

    Bruce Jackson

    4 dager siden

    Harvey couldn't be in better hands. LFC/his team mates/Jurgen all have his interests at heart. The best is yet to come. Come on you Red Scousers: all for one and one for all !!! We band of brothers. [I've borrowed heavily some wise words of others, as you will note].

  42. Roy Keane

    Roy Keane

    4 dager siden

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 i hope he comes back......... and snaps hes other ankle the liverpool dirt

  43. L33


    4 dager siden

    As a Man U and England fan i wish him well and hope he gets fit soon

  44. Craig Goodfellow

    Craig Goodfellow

    4 dager siden

    It’s football and every player will get injured at some point, I think Harvey will bounce back better than ever, or maybe he will never be the same, only time will tell😭😭😭😭

  45. Xoretra


    4 dager siden

    leeds just cant help themselves can they

    • Liam G.

      Liam G.

      4 dager siden

      Nothing wrong with the challenge, you melt

  46. First LastName3

    First LastName3

    4 dager siden

    This is why Managers like Guardiola, & Mourinho don't pick / rush 17-18 year old's into the first team. A life-time liverpool fan but klopp does make some stupid mistakes, around picking a team. No player at 17-18 years, has there liagiments, tendons, joints fully formed, developed. But Klopp doesn't care about this! All he cares about is intensity, intensity, run, win the ball back, but Curtis Jones, Elliot, and so many others injured under klopp's tenure. These games Chelsea, Leeds, are important games but they are not do-or die, for 90 minutes. Take the kid off at 50 minutes, Liverpool was 2-0 up, right ? Or better bring him on in the 70th minute, & save his energy for the Milan game in the week. Soo much this Manager has to learn. As for his opinion on the World Cup ever 2 years about Money, was stupid, pragmatic german. New ideas bring different challenges, right now they all go away for international qualifiers or friendlies too often.. Wenger & Guardioala were bang on. Very smart men.

  47. Yung ML

    Yung ML

    4 dager siden

    I was very disappointed with Leeds, the "famous fans" factor didn't help them one bit, so many mistakes, so many bad decisions, they will struggle this season

  48. Ghost


    4 dager siden

    The best manager in the world..from a man utd fan.

  49. Jordan Laird

    Jordan Laird

    4 dager siden

    Geoff shreeves.. why ask him the second question? I just cringe with Shreeves all he time he’s horrible at his job

  50. Fin .Reilly

    Fin .Reilly

    4 dager siden

    If it is only dislocated. He could be back around christmas

  51. Ahmad Tayyab Azimi

    Ahmad Tayyab Azimi

    4 dager siden

    2:34 Klöpp indirectly speaking to Pep



    4 dager siden

    Wishing speedy recovery 🙏

  53. Hungi 7

    Hungi 7

    4 dager siden

    Poor Harvey Elliott wish him a quick recovery. But that's what you get Jürgen. No new signings needed? Squad depth is overrated? Backing fsg? There you go then show it Firmino & Elliott already out

  54. Luca


    4 dager siden

    Although I’m not a Liverpool fan, I’m really scared for Harvey, i hope you get well soon. That was a really scary incident 🙏🏼 🙏🏼 🙏🏼

  55. Gary Tomas

    Gary Tomas

    4 dager siden

    Your a cheat you got a player sent off for a fair tackle struick got the ball you knew it yet still got the lad sent off as for prem rules you are not allowed to enter the field of play at any time so you should have been sent off

  56. Matthew Williams

    Matthew Williams

    4 dager siden

    So upset for elliot. Quality player.

  57. Wisnu dewanto

    Wisnu dewanto

    4 dager siden

    You're tough boy Harvey you can get back on the pitch stronger than before Get well soon lad

  58. Chandy_1


    4 dager siden

    He loves his kids..

  59. Football Today

    Football Today

    4 dager siden

    𝐑𝐄𝐒𝐏𝐄𝐂𝐓 ✌🏆💯꧂

  60. Gamer Batman9

    Gamer Batman9

    4 dager siden

    I watched the game live on TV Harvey’s injury shocked me I hope he makes a full recovery

  61. Connor Mohun

    Connor Mohun

    4 dager siden

    Klopp treats his team like a family. Seeing his emotions when speaking of Harvey’s injury just shows this.

  62. Mark Cordwell

    Mark Cordwell

    4 dager siden

    Why the red card though?

  63. Prem Anand S

    Prem Anand S

    4 dager siden

    Klopp, what a Great MAN(ager)...

  64. Bobby Sandaza

    Bobby Sandaza

    4 dager siden

    Klopp really is a genuine caring person.

  65. Mark Ashton

    Mark Ashton

    4 dager siden

    Feel bad I’m a Liverpool fan but it’s part of the game and when you get one payment and you’re financially finished in life you better deal with it

  66. taherajenz


    4 dager siden

    Just by looking at his body language that deep down Klopp is probably having regrets and thinking why didn't I take Harvey off a little sooner maybe this could've been avoided but its not his fault these things happen unfortunately, hope Harvey gets well soon.

  67. steve LUFC64

    steve LUFC64

    4 dager siden

    Feel bad the lad but wasn't even a foul ref gave a red because of the injury not because it was a foul

  68. Kritt Bayern

    Kritt Bayern

    4 dager siden

    Get Well Soon, Harvey Elliot.

  69. JDH - Warzone Videos

    JDH - Warzone Videos

    4 dager siden

    Klopps way with words is unrivalled.

  70. Zaven Aharonian

    Zaven Aharonian

    4 dager siden

    The player who causes such a grave injury should be suspended until the injured player is fully recover - until he plays his next game. This is a game and no one should attack anyone.this viciously to get the ball from him. I would arrest those and give them jail time.

  71. Football Utd

    Football Utd

    4 dager siden

    The way he manages his squad is out of this world.. Immense Respect for this man👍

  72. Dinostra


    4 dager siden

    One of the best times i have as a football fan is to follow young players coming through, and i haven't had as much fun watching someone coming through as Harvey Elliot. I remember when Michael Owen was coming up, and Stevie. Those two were amazing to watch, they were both on the pitch playing their hearts out as if it was the last games of their lives. And it's not until last year at Blackburn Rovers i've seen that kind of mentality and will to be the best they can at any given moment or in any given situation as with Harvey. And that's with your Sterlings, Lingaards, Routhledges, Sanes and the lot. All superb players and great fun to follow and see their development. But there's something else with Harvey, you have been able to see the improvements he's made from week to week, and that is something very special. And then something like this happens and it just makes you sick to your stomach, I'm absolutely gutted for the lad. This cannot be the thing that stops a great career. And i hope that we all as football fans can help him in any way we can, Liverpool fans or not doesn't matter, it's a young player with endless potential, and he's really fought to be where he is. And no doubt will fight to get back as soon as he's able. We're all behind you Harvey

  73. Joseph Castellanos

    Joseph Castellanos

    4 dager siden

    Le doblaron al pinche vato 😣

  74. kingof206


    4 dager siden

    Get better Elliot 🙏 from a utd fan. Top class young player…

  75. Conor S

    Conor S

    4 dager siden

    I know I’m biased because I’m a Liverpool fan but I just love how first and foremost he’s just a guy who loves football and he loves his players. Everything else is mostly noise to him. Not that a dislocated ankle is a small thing but the fact that they were able to get it back in quickly should bode well assuming there isn’t a lot of other damage. Nasty though, either way. Lad has a massive future ahead of him.

  76. Stephen Salisbury

    Stephen Salisbury

    4 dager siden

    His it just me, please let me know. In my opinion Jeff shreeves is very poor at he’s job . Totally lacking charisma and in this situation any feeling when probing klopp a very bad injury to one of his lads.

  77. Chikis 123

    Chikis 123

    4 dager siden

    1:18 it’s hard to see him like this because I can tell klopp is holding back tears😢 this is my manager and this is why we love him❤️ I hope Harvey comes back considering how excited I was to see him play, YNWA

  78. ilyas yatman

    ilyas yatman

    4 dager siden

    As a football fan it is very sad. This is an injury caused by a move that shouldn't have happened. I'm waiting for the worst punishment to come. I'm sure it's very difficult to be like this when you started your career like this. It happened to Ramsey of Arsenal.

  79. Prajjwal khati

    Prajjwal khati

    4 dager siden

    You have all my prayers Harvey lad ❤️🙏 get well soon

  80. Iskandar Aziz

    Iskandar Aziz

    4 dager siden

    Good. He deserved it. Always wanting to take long range shot knowing it wont go in.

  81. Neo Kah Hock

    Neo Kah Hock

    4 dager siden

    Rival aside..wish that kid speedy recovery..im sure he will come back stronger and stronger

  82. lapakos


    4 dager siden

    Keep fight bro🤝🤝

  83. Adi Plays

    Adi Plays

    4 dager siden


  84. Apples Oranges

    Apples Oranges

    4 dager siden

    I chocked dry ... Klopp is like a father to him... Plz God plzzz let him b okay fast😭 😟🙏 ..

  85. M. Fahri

    M. Fahri

    4 dager siden

    i hate liverpool but mate i can totally feel his pain, every season having one of his good players smacked out like that and has to miss out the whole season. i guess it is football but still it's an ugly feeling

  86. Michael Shangguan

    Michael Shangguan

    4 dager siden

    For us we lost a family member on pitch. We’ll stand strong and fight for Harvey together until he is back.

  87. StuTheBru me

    StuTheBru me

    4 dager siden

    We can tell Jurgen is upset there,just like us,ok who wouldant be,but hes almost breaking up,what a Father he is to these young men.. YNWA

    • GetTheFEKIR


      Dag siden

      He only got emotional when he was asked what he said to referee.

  88. Akinbola Moses

    Akinbola Moses

    4 dager siden

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 he is too young

  89. lookingatyouforever


    4 dager siden

    Apart from the positive factor that Elliot have age on his side for a speedy recovery, everyone in the footballing world knows that this kind of injury can ruin a player's career for good.

  90. Kamlesh Mallick

    Kamlesh Mallick

    4 dager siden

    Why can’t football work on technology to prevent such barbaric injuries? There has to be some research on clothing, boots, protection etc. It’s 2021 and yet football accepts this as ‘Normal’ Baffling. Really.

  91. Tegar Kriswinardi

    Tegar Kriswinardi

    4 dager siden

    Get well soon champ 🙏

  92. Roxanne Thoran

    Roxanne Thoran

    4 dager siden

    The polite bibliography preferentially rule because television uniformly share besides a feeble feigned roast. ten, hulking var verbs = [aardvark

  93. Lumri C khiphur

    Lumri C khiphur

    4 dager siden

    I'm a utd fan and liverpool is not my favorite club but man!! It really hurts a lot to see such a young talent with a horrific injury and I wish him a speedy recovery..stay strong Harvey 💪

    • Bob UK

      Bob UK

      4 dager siden

      @Lumri C khiphur couldn't out it better myself

    • Lumri C khiphur

      Lumri C khiphur

      4 dager siden

      @Bob UK yeah man there are lots of idiots out there always searching for negative reasons...we ain't enemies we're rivals and people should know the difference afterall we're more like a family of this beautiful game..this seasons gonna be one of the most competitive ones....wishing you and every club the very best..

    • Bob UK

      Bob UK

      4 dager siden

      So good seeing true fans like yourself in the game instead of all the idiots. We are great rivals with two great sets of supporters and I've seen loads of class in comments from Manchester. Nice to see CR 7 back and what a season it should be. Plenty of banter for us proper fans but no hate. 🙂

  94. sergeant_psychotic


    4 dager siden

    If it's dislocation then it's bad but not as bad as it could have been

  95. Philociraptor


    4 dager siden

    the kid is just 18 and the thought of what happened to Harvey is so sad! be strong Papa Klopp!

  96. dugu9999


    4 dager siden

    Emotional Klopp. We're all sad for Elliot. but I really want that cap he's wearing.

  97. Amen Boughanmi

    Amen Boughanmi

    4 dager siden

    Unfortunately more of those hurrendous injuries are gonna happen in the premier league and all thanks to direction the EPL are taking with allowing very type of aggressive play and branding it as physical game.for sure That's invites more reckless career ending injuries to players rather than showing the physicality of the game, If someone wants that type of game better watch UFC, not football

  98. Gon Kong

    Gon Kong

    4 dager siden

    Jesus Christ Klopp look way too tired for a 54 year old man. I thought he was 70 or something. He's just as old as my dad.

  99. Gethsemane


    4 dager siden

    Ynwa Harvey, get well soon, we're here for you son.