Ronaldo warms up ahead of second Utd debut 🤩

Manchester United's new signing Cristiano Ronaldo was given a warm reception on his return to Old Trafford, as the forward warmed up ahead of his side's game against Newcastle United in the Premier League.

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  1. Keerthana Nair

    Keerthana Nair

    Time siden

    0:44 Look at all the eyes on Ronaldo!!! This is called success....

  2. Saipov Kumar

    Saipov Kumar

    Time siden

    Nam music???

  3. love@123


    2 dager siden

    Forever cR7 fn

  4. Master Yoda ii

    Master Yoda ii

    2 dager siden


  5. Arasaka


    2 dager siden

    Liverpool fans here an I've got to say it's great to see CR7 grace the prem again it's where he belongs.

  6. Vasky Jihn

    Vasky Jihn

    2 dager siden

    Cr7 and Lebron need to pen a book on Gym/Health lifestyle that has ensured Sustained High productive careers with minimal injury breaks.

  7. Kalem Merritt

    Kalem Merritt

    3 dager siden

    He's the best diver since Tom Daley

  8. Viktor Feher

    Viktor Feher

    3 dager siden

    what a player

  9. amalskumar Kumar

    amalskumar Kumar

    3 dager siden


  10. Fleming Budu Biney

    Fleming Budu Biney

    3 dager siden

    His FIFA 22 rating dropped to a 91. How disrespectful

  11. JungkookBiasedProudA.R.M.Y


    3 dager siden

    Ronaldo the star attraction, he is so great and he is so loved by everyone at Manchester

  12. William Q.

    William Q.

    3 dager siden

    0:06 Wan-Bissaka really thought they were roaring for the whole team for a sec and then quickly put his hands down as Ronaldo walks by him 😭

  13. Fuzzy SiKnEsS

    Fuzzy SiKnEsS

    3 dager siden

    Hes such a goat great to have him back i am looking for a new team to support after 21 years of newcastle i canny do it no more

  14. Elroy Louw

    Elroy Louw

    3 dager siden


  15. Sultan Shafqat khan

    Sultan Shafqat khan

    3 dager siden

    What happens to Ronaldo he is looking weak

  16. Ste Tomlinson

    Ste Tomlinson

    4 dager siden

    How can he have a second debut? Surely you can only debut once? After that isn't it a return?

  17. Mohamed Fareed

    Mohamed Fareed

    4 dager siden

    The most important player United has ever had. Cantona comes close

  18. Shubob TV

    Shubob TV

    4 dager siden

    The CR7 vaccine is here!

  19. Stayniel Herbayn

    Stayniel Herbayn

    4 dager siden

    Sky’s new No.1 situation to milk as much they can

  20. J B

    J B

    4 dager siden

    Why have you made a video on this!? ridiculous!

  21. Bhavesh Dhake

    Bhavesh Dhake

    4 dager siden

    Etihad stadium hearing roars from old Trafford

  22. free your soul

    free your soul

    5 dager siden

    he should never of left us but it is what it is... He's home that's all that matters

  23. Mudassir Usman

    Mudassir Usman

    5 dager siden

    Love you my Legend

  24. Mohamed Elsayed

    Mohamed Elsayed

    5 dager siden

    Cristiano Ronaldo is the best in the world number1

  25. LoneWOLF TV

    LoneWOLF TV

    5 dager siden


  26. erkan yunis

    erkan yunis

    5 dager siden

    I'm happy for united as an arsenal fan...ronaldo is back where he belongs

  27. erkan yunis

    erkan yunis

    5 dager siden

    He was only gone for 12 yrs but it seemed like a century

  28. Manpreet Singh Kailey

    Manpreet Singh Kailey

    5 dager siden

    Can anyone tell the song playing at OLD Trafford?

  29. Chris Kasatka

    Chris Kasatka

    5 dager siden

    As a Liverpool fan I have to hate Man U, but I could not be happier for him and Utd. Hope you guys win a bunch of stuff... just don't get in Liverpool's way😝

  30. Peey Precious

    Peey Precious

    5 dager siden

    No doubt he's the best

  31. Kev Irl

    Kev Irl

    5 dager siden

    Did he look up at the sky :)

  32. Craig Waters

    Craig Waters

    5 dager siden


  33. Mike Palm

    Mike Palm

    5 dager siden

    We have some great and have had some great English football players....but this is one guy I wish was English.....

  34. Paul Gal

    Paul Gal

    5 dager siden

    I always used to say Messi was the best but Ronaldo has played in 3 of the best leagues in the world and been top goalscorer in each one not to mention international competitions. For me now he is the GOAT.

  35. Shashwat Poudel

    Shashwat Poudel

    5 dager siden

    If he gets golden boot and man untd win premier League will will undoubtedly be the greatest of all time.

  36. Bradly bBelle

    Bradly bBelle

    5 dager siden

    This was like the second coming of Jesus

  37. kiaser Sozez

    kiaser Sozez

    5 dager siden

    Comes on the pitch at 36 yrs of age into top flight footy and ....scores 2 ...he’s the terminator

  38. Mbuyiseni Mhlambi

    Mbuyiseni Mhlambi

    5 dager siden

    Everyone is happy

  39. atatweebwa kingdavid

    atatweebwa kingdavid

    5 dager siden

    how do u handle such fame

  40. Kamal Rokaya

    Kamal Rokaya

    5 dager siden

    I love Man u warm up jersey

  41. Manpreet Singh Kailey

    Manpreet Singh Kailey

    5 dager siden

    What song is playing in the background???



    5 dager siden

    Can't wait to see Man United against Chelsea Liverpool and Man City

  43. quinnquinnquinn


    5 dager siden

    Cristiano the greatest to ever do it. does anyone know the song playing in the background?

  44. Tom Watt

    Tom Watt

    5 dager siden

    The philosophy of the rich and the poor is this: "the rich invest their money and spend what is left. The poor spend their money and invest what is left".

  45. Big Mick

    Big Mick

    5 dager siden

    Does anybody know the name of the song playing? 🎵

  46. Jamie


    5 dager siden

    The man is an actual god. He's gone way beyond just football. As long as there are people, he will be spoke about. Made up he's back in the prem.

  47. Brian Murray

    Brian Murray

    5 dager siden

    Not gonna lie......I did not like that warm up shirt until Ronaldo came jogging out of that tunnel wearing it.

  48. Jay films

    Jay films

    5 dager siden

    Can't get enough of these viva ronaldo chants .. I'm so happy

  49. Adam Williams

    Adam Williams

    5 dager siden

    No ones mentioning the fact that Ronaldo could have gone back to Madrid and he chose to come back to United. Wonder if this will open Pogbas eyes that you can win things with Real but you wont be loved the way United fans would if you gave your all week in week out

  50. Mohamed Diallo

    Mohamed Diallo

    5 dager siden

    Merci CR7

  51. Connor R

    Connor R

    5 dager siden

    Jesus, yous are rinsing this 🤣

  52. Elefante Guerrero Psíquico Ancestral

    Elefante Guerrero Psíquico Ancestral

    5 dager siden


  53. Rohit Pathak

    Rohit Pathak

    5 dager siden

    The love for him is real. They love is so much



    5 dager siden

    Viva Ronaldo

  55. Linden jr Ashby

    Linden jr Ashby

    5 dager siden

    Welcome home ronnie 🔴🔴🔴🔴

  56. Arif Toro

    Arif Toro

    5 dager siden

    Utd to win the league this year

  57. Aniket Agarwal

    Aniket Agarwal

    5 dager siden


  58. old chief smoke

    old chief smoke

    5 dager siden

    what song is playing in the back ground? good bass

  59. vangledosh


    5 dager siden

    Great to see him back and he looks as fit/healthy as ever. What a machine, most players look to retire at his age when he's still a top 5 player in the world.

  60. PetionC


    5 dager siden

    I still cant believe it. Is it real life?

  61. I love this game ❤️

    I love this game ❤️

    5 dager siden

    I seen him play many times, with so much negativity at Utd this last 2 yrs I ain’t been to a game. Today is one game I really brought back the feeling good factor as what being a Utd fan is about win loose or draw

  62. Airzulu


    5 dager siden

    This is why we love this club.

  63. Mick Cee

    Mick Cee

    5 dager siden

    Just rename them viva ronaldo fc

  64. Shane Hickey

    Shane Hickey

    5 dager siden

    The noise when he simply raises his hands. He knows all eyes are on him. Football fans love him. United fans adore him. The legend.

  65. Stuart M

    Stuart M

    5 dager siden

    Utd? No his debut was for Manchester uinited not united

  66. Raunak Das

    Raunak Das

    5 dager siden

    Sky Sports needs to stop twerking for Ronaldo ffs 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Rupert Clint

      Rupert Clint

      5 dager siden

      Ronaldo and United get clicks more than anything prolly they've the biggest fan base so you can't blame em it's part of their business

  67. Td Ee

    Td Ee

    5 dager siden

    Btw he’s 37 years old 🙏🏼

  68. Armands Pravasts

    Armands Pravasts

    5 dager siden

    Ronaldo is an artist who creates a Theather of Dreams.When he plays dreams come true for MU fans :)

  69. Kuey_ v

    Kuey_ v

    5 dager siden

    CR7 forever...

  70. Ahmed Rahim

    Ahmed Rahim

    5 dager siden

    What's the name of the song when he comes out?

  71. Classy Sassy

    Classy Sassy

    5 dager siden

    All eyes on him 👀😂❤️

  72. Ꭷภє ㄥꪮꪜꫀ

    Ꭷภє ㄥꪮꪜꫀ

    5 dager siden

    Where can I buy that jersey... Someone help me...

  73. John Lawler

    John Lawler

    5 dager siden

    Half a million views for a warm up. Hard to think of another sportsman who's had the reach Ronaldo does

  74. Hosko


    5 dager siden

    Still hasn’t sunken in yet…

  75. Daniel.T _

    Daniel.T _

    5 dager siden

    0:52 that's me above the bench

  76. somasundaram aruneshwaran

    somasundaram aruneshwaran

    5 dager siden

    Music name please

  77. Kamil66GM


    5 dager siden

    What is that tune in the background? Anybody know?

  78. Are Czkie

    Are Czkie

    5 dager siden

    Where I can buy this red and white sweatshirts what they wear? I cannot find on official store.

  79. David Tomsett

    David Tomsett

    5 dager siden

    Back where he belongs

  80. Mr T

    Mr T

    5 dager siden

    Sky sports milking the goat views

  81. JayCFC


    5 dager siden


  82. arunsd9


    5 dager siden

    The second coming. The Messiah has come.

  83. robert crampton

    robert crampton

    5 dager siden

    Who designed the used sanitary towel training tops? Gopping.

  84. Arthur Balls

    Arthur Balls

    5 dager siden

    Early 90s acid house style tops by Joe Bloggs. Twists my melon, man.

  85. Sandy Totox

    Sandy Totox

    5 dager siden

    So happy for having him back at home, what a reception and the stadium was half way full,,,got goosebumps welcome back Legend and on top of it he score a double on his debut,,,,

  86. Natsi Meb

    Natsi Meb

    5 dager siden

    They said he's too old, and he said SIIUUU 🙌🐐

  87. jaCk Harlow

    jaCk Harlow

    5 dager siden

    I'm literally crying when I seen his entry !

  88. Sheriff Folorunso

    Sheriff Folorunso

    5 dager siden

    As a Chelsea fan, I'm glad CR7 is back in the league where he belongs. Now let's enjoy his presence. What a player 🔥🔥🔥

  89. David Jones

    David Jones

    5 dager siden

    That United top looks like the local butcher designed it...😱👎🤮

  90. Louie knight

    Louie knight

    5 dager siden

    Tap ins incoming



    5 dager siden

    As an Arsenal fan am already thinking of the derby. Hope arsenal will have bought Messi by then. 😉

    • Ganesh Yadav

      Ganesh Yadav

      5 dager siden

      😂 😂 😂

  92. Noneof Yourbuissness

    Noneof Yourbuissness

    5 dager siden

    “Im not here for vacation”

  93. Kian jones

    Kian jones

    5 dager siden


  94. YouTube Life

    YouTube Life

    5 dager siden

    That top/jumper looks horrible.

  95. Skateboarder2011


    5 dager siden

    Beautiful man

  96. Zippo404


    5 dager siden

    Forgot ronaldo that training top is lit

  97. abhishek singh

    abhishek singh

    5 dager siden

    Cristiano Ronaldo the greatest ever fact 🐐🙌🏻👑

  98. Moe


    5 dager siden

    What we're they singing

  99. Spoonsy 07

    Spoonsy 07

    5 dager siden

    I wanted to hear Jeff stelling

  100. Madridista703 USA

    Madridista703 USA

    5 dager siden

    2 goals lol