Predicting the impact of EVERY Premier League club's transfers | Saturday Social ft Thogden & Nicole

Smithy and Joe are joined by Thogden and Nicole Holliday on this week’s Saturday Social. After the transfer window slammed shut this week, we take a look at all 20 Premier League clubs and predict the impact of each teams transfer window.

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  1. BK2splashy


    5 dager siden


  2. JaredManCityFan


    6 dager siden

    Yesss Theo is a city fan

  3. JaredManCityFan


    6 dager siden

    There was Rumours Yves was gonna go Liverpool

  4. kieran escourse

    kieran escourse

    7 dager siden

    This girl has no clue. Judging transfers on price alone. Judging fixtures on the number alone. Complete nonsense. Berk

  5. Oscar Rood

    Oscar Rood

    7 dager siden

    There’s more to saints than Danny ings man

  6. Ecfc Vlogger

    Ecfc Vlogger

    7 dager siden


  7. Chris Trickett

    Chris Trickett

    7 dager siden

    Villa need to sign David Platt from Crewe.

  8. Nicholas Wilce

    Nicholas Wilce

    8 dager siden

    Sky you have to sign Thogden

  9. koksik


    8 dager siden


  10. Damo Deevan

    Damo Deevan

    9 dager siden

    Lol when are arsenal fans gonna realise they ain't getting big stars like utd Chelsea City ect because they are viewed as a top ten team now not big 4 so arsenal fans need to come to terms with this

  11. Neeraj Sawlani

    Neeraj Sawlani

    9 dager siden

    Charlie Puth on sky sports discussing football. Love it 😍

  12. Richard Smith

    Richard Smith

    9 dager siden

    Why are they still doing this show on zoom ?

  13. Jake Howie

    Jake Howie

    9 dager siden

    Think the girl has something for Thogden, she likes him a bit...

  14. Matthew Crotts

    Matthew Crotts

    9 dager siden

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  15. Tertius Thabo Baloyi

    Tertius Thabo Baloyi

    9 dager siden

    Chelseafc won champions still underestimate us.. thats awful analysis..

  16. Terrence Ssewa

    Terrence Ssewa

    10 dager siden

    Sky sports is such a joke

  17. Ethan Claridge

    Ethan Claridge

    10 dager siden

    Get thogdad on sky with thogden

  18. Jonny


    10 dager siden

    'lets talk about Norwich' no lets discuss Billy Gilmours career path instead. Hacks.

  19. protarget1


    10 dager siden

    Ole hasn't spent 428 million on player's the incompetent board has. And over paid for quite a few of those players. BTW Man U average net spend after Ole arrived, including getting rid, sold or loan deals for players, is around 60/70 million PA.

  20. bobkatfan


    10 dager siden

    Man United wanted 25 million for Lingard, that’s why he didn’t move.

  21. Dave Vlogs

    Dave Vlogs

    10 dager siden

    United have won the league now Ronaldo is back!

  22. Ilene OReilly

    Ilene OReilly

    10 dager siden

    The alcoholic trousers neurobiologically fetch because north collaterally sniff amidst a unarmed moon. deep, testy psychology

  23. Sarp Coskun

    Sarp Coskun

    10 dager siden

    Love to see thogden on sky

  24. Luke MESSI Walsh

    Luke MESSI Walsh

    11 dager siden

    I think he was linked to spurs as well... god listen, get Thogdad and Mark Goldbridge on instead of these muppets

  25. Bkooda


    11 dager siden

    Disagree with the thoughts on Daniel James. He brings experience from a top club with a good mindset. BUT, he still is the pressure to perform on top of his game, being their marquee signing of the summer. Being a downgrade (no offense), if he then doesn’t consistently perform well for them at a mid tier team, his career could plummet further. Separately with Man City, don’t forget Jesus is 24, he could surprise a lot of people and take that step up to he that quality number 9 they were looking for.

  26. Luke MESSI Walsh

    Luke MESSI Walsh

    11 dager siden

    Everton will be fine from surviving but won’t be competing for the title. That Nicola is waffling, of cause Everton won’t win the title, Get somebody who knows their stuff and watches all of the prem Thogden tbf did no his stuff, but Imagine these tow guests Thogdad and Mark Goldbridge, now that would be good

  27. Craig Waters

    Craig Waters

    11 dager siden


  28. The guy who killed hitler

    The guy who killed hitler

    11 dager siden

    Never thought I’d see thogden on the news

  29. mothefuture


    11 dager siden

    get the girl out of here man she stuttered way too much and waffled the whole way through

  30. cba kmn

    cba kmn

    11 dager siden


  31. G R

    G R

    11 dager siden

    Why are these people on sky sports mother off god ! Yous need to step it up SKY!

  32. JDS


    11 dager siden

    Lol all they care about is big 6 🤣 talking about Chelsea players when talking about norwich, these Lot know nothing

  33. Transition With Trini

    Transition With Trini

    11 dager siden

    Villa did good just to see how they gel and get on during the season

  34. Transition With Trini

    Transition With Trini

    11 dager siden

    Arsenal just Plz do not sack Aretha...i am begging you not too..the Joy on AFTV every week is it for me

  35. Alok Mahadevia

    Alok Mahadevia

    11 dager siden

    I could find a drunk at the end of the pub who could give better predictions than these pre-pubescent amateurs.

  36. David Holgate

    David Holgate

    11 dager siden

    She says that Burnley haven't spent much compared to other Premier league sides but the club has spent more than Newcastle, Everton, Wolves and Watford! 🤔

  37. All talk fc

    All talk fc

    11 dager siden

    Lucky kid

  38. Atis


    11 dager siden

    Yes, three 1-0 whooo! look at your team.

  39. Ahmad Esha

    Ahmad Esha

    11 dager siden

    💰 Money spent in the last 5 seasons: Manchester Utd - £480m Manchester City - £472m Arsenal - £366m Chelsea - £238m Liverpool - £158m 🏆 Trophies won in the last 5 seasons: Manchester City - 10 Liverpool - 4 Chelsea - 4 Arsenal - 3 Manchester Utd - 0

  40. Poax


    11 dager siden

    It’s because it’s Arsenal, what top players are gonna wanna go there

  41. Daniel Munroe

    Daniel Munroe

    12 dager siden

    Always great to hear the expert analysis from sky. I might cancel sky sports, i can listen to 2 random blokes chatting crap about football for free down the pub.

  42. PAUL MH


    12 dager siden

    Tottenham signed crumbs for yet another manager. Total embarrassment levy would rather save money yet get a brand new state of the art 1 billion built. Could have used that money to mount a premier league title challenge at the old whl. Doesn't make sense!

  43. Sam G

    Sam G

    12 dager siden

    Lingards fault

  44. Peeper


    12 dager siden

    Thogdad owns Sky with Robbie

  45. Skylytical YT

    Skylytical YT

    12 dager siden

    Therapist “Thogden without Thogdad is not real, it can’t hurt you” Thogden without Thogdad:

  46. Dennoy Martin

    Dennoy Martin

    12 dager siden

    So Gilmore is older than Greenwood.. Greenwood is sooooo young!!

  47. Chris Haworth

    Chris Haworth

    12 dager siden

    6:46 for Burnley - you’re welcome

    • Jake Brayshaw

      Jake Brayshaw

      11 dager siden

      why would i want burnley

  48. Aydn V

    Aydn V

    12 dager siden

    I loved Arsenal in the past but because of the Fans like AFTV i started to disslike'em. I hate Arsenal now.

  49. Mr Jones

    Mr Jones

    12 dager siden

    Wish I had a timer for my woman..

    • evil dkwth

      evil dkwth

      12 dager siden


  50. Aaron Leach

    Aaron Leach

    12 dager siden

    I have to admit as a Liverpool fan that their transfer window was the worst in the prem

  51. Andrew Hoad

    Andrew Hoad

    12 dager siden

    Sorry palace have done the best business considering their situation going into the season

    • Lucas Tait

      Lucas Tait

      5 dager siden

      Chelsea had the best window. Lukaku pricetag was funded by unwanted, yet talented players. They managed to fund a 100m signing by selling NO starting 11 player’s

  52. Pirate King

    Pirate King

    12 dager siden

    This was a terrible video, a complete waste of time. Did you actually talk about signings or just failed signings?

  53. Luke Procel

    Luke Procel

    12 dager siden

    Man u manager got it good for the time he been there look at the squad now

  54. Matthew Thomson

    Matthew Thomson

    12 dager siden

    Weird seeing Thogden on Sky. Where's Thogdad to give us his Thogdad Fact???

  55. Me ffs Yep

    Me ffs Yep

    12 dager siden

    Lingard is being spoken about like a god he done amazing for us at the start last 10 games he went missing

    • Sebastian


      11 dager siden

      Thats how he was for 18 months at United

  56. 429 67

    429 67

    12 dager siden

    No chunkz on Saturday social? Bye.

  57. leon huggins

    leon huggins

    12 dager siden

    Who are these nails?

  58. Aniel chall

    Aniel chall

    12 dager siden


  59. Kiru Nannack

    Kiru Nannack

    12 dager siden

    Thogdens football knowledge is incredible, don’t think he gets enough credit for his presenting skills

  60. kinell188


    12 dager siden

    We dont care about the opinion of a boy thats never played the game.

  61. Pie Guy

    Pie Guy

    12 dager siden

    I'm an idiot I was scrolling through my subscription box and thought the entire time this was a Thogden video

  62. Rob Barrowman

    Rob Barrowman

    12 dager siden

    Why are Tottenham out of place on your thumbnail? Trust me, I'm not a Tottenham fan but it is strange why you did that?

  63. S C

    S C

    12 dager siden

    It is so bleedingly obvious that these lot know nothing about Watford lol 😆

  64. Black Niall

    Black Niall

    12 dager siden


  65. MOMO 14

    MOMO 14

    12 dager siden

    22:29 28:02

  66. Norfolkpyro


    12 dager siden

    Ronaldo was never going to city he was always going to united

  67. Michael Deeping

    Michael Deeping

    12 dager siden

    Leicester will be the same as the last season if they get injuries like they did last season. Ended the season with half the first team out, mostly the entire back 4. If everyone stays fit thunk we get that fourth place

  68. Aaron T

    Aaron T

    12 dager siden

    ibou will be a beast at lfc

  69. Thisala Gajadeera

    Thisala Gajadeera

    12 dager siden

    Nicole is so right about Arsenal 😎

  70. Saransh Sharma

    Saransh Sharma

    12 dager siden

    wow, never knew Burnley signed Cornet, he is a good player.

  71. OnceIWasYou


    12 dager siden

    This show is just weird, getting NOnetrs and people that say absolutely nothing of any value like "Chunks" getting to play Journalist for a bit. If they want to be journalists, then wait for them to actually do the job and then invite them on the show. Nothing against anyone who's on it but it all feels a bit like 6th formers making a pretend TV Show for an assignment. SkySports- stop trying to be "Fresh", modern and new and just make the programme good. This is just a bad podcast.

    • OnceIWasYou


      11 dager siden

      @hfc Mainly because it's so condescending. It assumes the audience are morons. I'd rather they make football content like The Athletic/ Tifo that actually respects the audience enough to say more than just "The boy done good!". This stuff generally says nothing (Or worse, "Plays Pundit" by repeating the classic clichés) and even more egregious, it thinks that's okay and that the audience will enjoy that. Fair enough, it's not my thing but there's so little alternative to this style.

    • hfc


      11 dager siden

      'saturday social' fair enough you don't rate it... i mean neither do I but you are just describing exactly what the show is meant to be i don't get why half the comments are whining that they're not getting detailed tactical insight on a show thats so bleedingly obviously not trying to be that

    • MrBlueSkyUK


      12 dager siden

      Sky are just so out of touch they just get any youtuber on.

  72. Peter Màchùkà

    Peter Màchùkà

    12 dager siden

    Just the way sky like it, another Arsenal bashing by a so called "fan".

  73. Luke Savident

    Luke Savident

    12 dager siden

    Have you only just met Leeds? We’ve got the most ferociously demanding fans, Dan James will be under huge pressure

  74. Bwedking playz

    Bwedking playz

    12 dager siden

    my g was on skysports mad respect

  75. M88 BOY

    M88 BOY

    12 dager siden

    Who are all these people

  76. Aamir Kala

    Aamir Kala

    12 dager siden

    84k views to listen to 4 people with 0 football understanding ? .. you man are tapped

  77. Tahmid Ahmed

    Tahmid Ahmed

    12 dager siden

    *”Jesse Lingard needs to go to West Ham he needs to go with me around in the Starting XI” - Cristiano Ronaldo*

    • TANNA


      12 dager siden

      Don’t make sense

  78. Tahmid Ahmed

    Tahmid Ahmed

    12 dager siden

    *Now I understand why Danny ings wanted to leave Southampton bc they got thrashed TWICE 9-0 lol 😂*

  79. Nathan Carder

    Nathan Carder

    12 dager siden

    Arsenal fan is fit AF 😍

  80. Zessi Zybala

    Zessi Zybala

    12 dager siden


  81. Gollinz Vlogs

    Gollinz Vlogs

    12 dager siden

    So so poor, 0 research done on Norwich, literally spoke about one player….

  82. Long Nguyen

    Long Nguyen

    12 dager siden

    Is that Charlie Puth wearing blue shirt ????😂

  83. Peter Màchùkà

    Peter Màchùkà

    12 dager siden

    As an Arsenal fan she is a bad represents as badly.

  84. Danięl Ø

    Danięl Ø

    12 dager siden


  85. HawkingRegime


    12 dager siden

    Looking forward to seeing my Eagles gel over time. So much solid young talent that aren’t even all on the field in Olise and Eze.

  86. Worth A Look

    Worth A Look

    12 dager siden

    Why r you tubers constantly appearing on sky sports?

  87. Jack Thornton

    Jack Thornton

    13 dager siden

    Harry Kane doesn’t fit city play style

  88. Lawbringer boi

    Lawbringer boi

    13 dager siden


  89. Daneille Louis

    Daneille Louis

    13 dager siden

    Hope Manu get Bissouma in January

  90. yt yt yt

    yt yt yt

    13 dager siden

    4 people who have nothing to do with football talking about football. Seems reasonable

    • The guy who killed hitler

      The guy who killed hitler

      11 dager siden

      How do they not have anything to do with football?

  91. Scotty Bee

    Scotty Bee

    13 dager siden

    don’t say much about Norwich 🔰

  92. Alexzandra Sookhan

    Alexzandra Sookhan

    13 dager siden


  93. David B

    David B

    13 dager siden


  94. Benson 17

    Benson 17

    13 dager siden

    Ramsdale might need to get double jabbed for net rash this season

  95. Sirr Fraud

    Sirr Fraud

    13 dager siden

    Everyone who's laughing at Arsenal's transfer business have exposed themselves as clout chasers & their absolute lack of any knowledge of the game. Probably the best thing arsenal have done in recent times; exposing these clowns posing as pundits & football youtubers .

    • Sirr Fraud

      Sirr Fraud

      5 dager siden

      @Lucas Tait You muppets make it sound like 160 mil is a lot of money when Chelsea & Man City have paid 100 mil for one player. Some random keeper? That's our first choice keeper. 20 mil for a keeper is considered bad business? Chelsea buying Drinkwater, Bakayako, Kepa, Mortata, Man City buying Claudio Bravo and then buying Ederson, 50 mil for Benjamin Mendy. Don't get me started on Man Utd. Spurs paying 50 mil for Sanchez & Ndombele. 35-40 mil for Lo Celso. That is what you call disappointing. Arsenal haven't sold anyone but they have been very frugal with their purchases. And the current management hasn't been able to sell these players because of the Shambolic management in the recent years who have made arsenal look one of the weakest club in the market. Buying 4-5 starters for 160 million isn't bad business 😂 Sorry to break it to you but you're as clueless as the 'majority' . Keep on hating 👍

    • Lucas Tait

      Lucas Tait

      5 dager siden

      If arsenal had brought those players in at a smaller price then it would be a great window. However you paid 160m for Ben White, Nuno Tavares, Sambi Lakonga, Tomiyasu and some random keeper? Tavares, White and Lakonga are decent, young players but extremely overpriced (haven’t really seen tomiyasu). Also your departures have been horrendous. Guendouzi and Saliba out on loan with options to buy is really stupid considering you have a weak midfield and tragic defences options like holding, chambers and even KOLASINAC. In mine and majority of others, that window is very disappointing

    • Luke G

      Luke G

      12 dager siden

      They brought like 5 average players

  96. Kyle


    13 dager siden

    PL is Chelsea own remember I said it.. Up the Chels! 🙌🏾💙

  97. Rahul Gurung

    Rahul Gurung

    13 dager siden

    That lady keeps on saying "I don't know" So irritating.... If she don't know, why is she there....😅😅😅

    • nicholas brown

      nicholas brown

      12 dager siden

      I’m all for diversity but people need to be qualified/knowledgeable if they’re going to be there

  98. Kyle


    13 dager siden

    Thoden big up Yessir 💯

  99. Rahul Gurung

    Rahul Gurung

    13 dager siden

    Boy is on point everytime... Girl is like "I don't know" everytime...

  100. Jason Smith

    Jason Smith

    13 dager siden

    Chelsea this year from a man utd fan