Lukaku on scoring his long-awaited Stamford Bridge goal

Romelu Lukaku speaks after scoring his long-awaited Stamford Bridge goals.

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  1. Daddycool-tjc


    17 timer siden


  2. MatteMatt


    2 dager siden

    What on earth did the pundit say at the start?!?! 😂😂 did not make sense to me

  3. Sabrina Richardson

    Sabrina Richardson

    3 dager siden

    The jobless winter correspondingly pinch because block obviously tie for a evanescent friend. direful, meek tennis

  4. Mix Better Now

    Mix Better Now

    3 dager siden

    The best football teams have incredible spines. No surprise that Mendy, Silva, Kova, and Big Rom were our best players today. I also think Rom and Timo could be devastating w/ Mount/Ziyech/Havertz/Pulisic floating behind as a 10.

  5. Chels Fc

    Chels Fc

    4 dager siden

    Mendy is a king certified

  6. Lance Jones

    Lance Jones

    4 dager siden

    Kissing badge 🤣🤣 the mug.

  7. eng hock koh

    eng hock koh

    4 dager siden

    phil jones : try and beat me.

  8. The Pessimist Underdog666

    The Pessimist Underdog666

    4 dager siden

    After ruining Manchester United he's ready to ruin Chelsea again. Chelsea fans don't be happy, Failure is coming. 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Robin Robin

    Robin Robin

    4 dager siden

    Big Rom Well done 👏

  10. Serdar Agirbas

    Serdar Agirbas

    4 dager siden

    Lukaku was Phenomenal aswell as Mendy 👏

  11. Stanley Aniugo

    Stanley Aniugo

    4 dager siden

    In interviews, in the field of play, and in general he has matured into a Mysterio! I have forgiven you for that miss during the club world cup when you were still learning! Now I realized you were learning by then. Thank you so much for bringing back what resembles Didier Drogba's time in Stamford Bridge. Once more Thank you!

  12. Steve Lumumba shabazzz

    Steve Lumumba shabazzz

    4 dager siden

    He’s a very humble lad. Very respectful

  13. Mons


    4 dager siden

    No american accent this time?

  14. Thomas Lepcha

    Thomas Lepcha

    4 dager siden


  15. John Ofgroats

    John Ofgroats

    4 dager siden

    Stormzy sounding different here ..

  16. Kev


    4 dager siden

    Lukaku is a big physical deadly finisher. Reminds me a little bit of Costa and Drogba at Chelsea, so so good

  17. Up SCOMO !

    Up SCOMO !

    5 dager siden

    4 teams contending for the title, brilliant signings, HUGE name players returning to the league, refs being far more lenient and letting the games flow more. This season is gonna be so good

  18. It me ro

    It me ro

    5 dager siden

    As a City fan i am so jealous you have Lukaku he's a monster on the pitch but well-spoken and intelligent, he's gonna be a huge problem for everyone Can we swap Grealish for him? haha

  19. Jonathan


    5 dager siden

    Belgian Ronaldo

  20. Dan Baloyi

    Dan Baloyi

    5 dager siden

    Lukaku or Ronaldo for Golden boot this guys are going to be a nightmare for defenders

  21. Nikolaos


    5 dager siden

    man, everyone knows you are left footed xD

  22. Daniel Tyrrell

    Daniel Tyrrell

    5 dager siden

    Konsa deserves an england call up more than Mings

  23. ben1000


    5 dager siden

    Kisses the badge of the club that didn’t believe in him lol, state of him

  24. Pro Clubs

    Pro Clubs

    5 dager siden

    As a Utd fan, I'm a bit ashamed of the way our fans never backed him during his time with us. Now he's shutting up those haters

  25. Kutumba David Sikota

    Kutumba David Sikota

    5 dager siden

    "I played with Tuanzebe back in the day, he knows am left footed"

  26. ian iskandar

    ian iskandar

    5 dager siden

    the way he answered early question is the different.. and he is more mature, mentality great, motivation top. God bless you Lukaku..

  27. Benedict Frank

    Benedict Frank

    5 dager siden

    Ronaldo watching this😂😂

  28. James Ftw

    James Ftw

    5 dager siden

    rip timo werner

  29. Nash ♛

    Nash ♛

    5 dager siden

    Chelsea Vs Man United City Vs Man United Liverpool Vs Man United Chelsea Vs Man City Liverpool Vs Man City Ronaldo Vs Romelu Pep Vs Tuchel Jurgen Vs Pep Salah vs Fernandes Rudiger vs Dias Van dijk vs Diaz Varane vs Silva Salah vs Cr Some big games are upon us ladies and gentlemen Special mentions to Leicester, Everton (and maybe Tottenham)

  30. L33


    5 dager siden

    As a Man U fan I am happy for him going to be a very interesting golden boot Race out of Kane CR7 Salah and Lukaku definitely best league in the world

  31. Eneje Princechuks

    Eneje Princechuks

    5 dager siden

    Congratulations lukaku

  32. Phil Thatcher

    Phil Thatcher

    5 dager siden

    Mendy deserves big recognition for yesterday's performance. Lukaku playing like an absolute boss 💪

  33. Frank Houttave

    Frank Houttave

    5 dager siden

    We should give Lukaku a little bit of time and credit to adapt to the team and tactics and for the team to adapt to him.

  34. Craig Waters

    Craig Waters

    5 dager siden


  35. Alex Alex

    Alex Alex

    5 dager siden

    sound and look like "stormzy"

    • old chief smoke

      old chief smoke

      5 dager siden

      sounds nothing like stormzy

  36. Laurelle Joseph

    Laurelle Joseph

    5 dager siden


  37. njn brl:re

    njn brl:re

    5 dager siden

    He talks like a manager

  38. doni Anderson

    doni Anderson

    5 dager siden

    Waiting something for 17 years... That's perspicacity.

  39. Aaron T

    Aaron T

    5 dager siden

    humble man

  40. Haddingtonian GCP

    Haddingtonian GCP

    5 dager siden

    Luks giving me Jimbo vibes. If you know, you know

  41. Sebastian Mathew

    Sebastian Mathew

    5 dager siden


  42. Lee Key

    Lee Key

    5 dager siden

    What is like to score 2 goals? What is like Kova passing you the ball at the right time? What is like to be in the blue jersey? What is like ...What is like.... this is the type of question taught at university haha

  43. wiil Omar

    wiil Omar

    5 dager siden

    Love you long time

  44. Brandon


    5 dager siden


  45. Kit Mun

    Kit Mun

    5 dager siden

    chelsea fraud team will be unveiled in no time at all

  46. ervin chua

    ervin chua

    5 dager siden

    Ronaldo and Lukaku both scoring 2 goals. Guess their rivalry from Serie A continues here to the PL. Kane, Salah, Vardy, y’all better watch out. They’re coming for you!

  47. Jazzy G Bring down the veils

    Jazzy G Bring down the veils

    5 dager siden

    Yes! Yes!

  48. arha gamer

    arha gamer

    5 dager siden

    If I could give a man off the mutch it be luka,kova,silva,mendy



    5 dager siden

    Chelsea wining the league this season

  50. tennisblood


    5 dager siden

    The title race is between: Chels, ManU, City. Liv is only #4 this season...

  51. Martin Yeboah

    Martin Yeboah

    5 dager siden

    Lukaku is a great signing for us. He loves the club and we love him match made in heaven could not ask for anything less . Good performance from the lads



    5 dager siden

    What I love in this star,he respectful and humbly recognise his entire team mates Everytime "we not i"

  53. Sam Sule

    Sam Sule

    5 dager siden

    Looks like Drogba

  54. Mathews Zulu

    Mathews Zulu

    5 dager siden

    Am in love with Lukaku, love you brother man

  55. وسیم میر

    وسیم میر

    5 dager siden

    Last season this would possibly been narrow slender 1 Nil win. But with Lukaku in things definitely different. Absolute class

  56. *Beats*


    5 dager siden

    Lukaku and Ronaldo are gonna fight for the golden boot, they both will score everytime they have a chance

  57. Ana Ta

    Ana Ta

    5 dager siden

    You are the man!

  58. Maxamed Geedi

    Maxamed Geedi

    5 dager siden

    Last season Chelsea had a good defensive record but not striker now they have a team who can score a lot of goals and also can defend they only conceded one goal and that was a penalty amazing.

  59. Kato Chelsea

    Kato Chelsea

    5 dager siden

    Great performance from Lukaku

  60. Dave Zam

    Dave Zam

    5 dager siden

    Lukaku will win the golden boot

  61. Malinwa 4ever

    Malinwa 4ever

    5 dager siden

    Big rom❤️

  62. shukraze


    5 dager siden

    Big Room 💙💎

  63. ON THE WAY


    5 dager siden

    My brother is the best💙💙💙✌️✌️😍😍🙏🙏

  64. Dan Amirault

    Dan Amirault

    5 dager siden

    Not only a great player, but so humble and well spoken. Proper Chels

  65. alkazapper


    5 dager siden

    He has truly grown. Drogba must be proud. Well done Rom!

  66. Frank Troutman

    Frank Troutman

    5 dager siden

    Coming from a lifelong ManU fan - Rom did not get me hyped when he was signed from Everton. He has really matured into his natural talent since leaving and I am absolutely positive he’ll punish the Red Devils next meeting. Superb showing today.

  67. Nabin Humagain

    Nabin Humagain

    5 dager siden

    Big rom

  68. Cass C

    Cass C

    5 dager siden

    As a Villa fan we came to play and if not for Mendy and Lukaku I think it would have been a closer game. Really impressed with Chelsea's mental toughness and the managers tactical awareness. I think they are very close to having an edge over city but its a long we'll see. See ya in the cup game :)

    • ScoopMeisterGeneral


      5 dager siden

      Speaking as a Chelsea fan, you guys deserved to get something from that game. If it wasn't for that Silva block in the first half I think it would've been a lot tighter. You guys have got a potentially very exciting team on your hands!

    • Andy Pandy

      Andy Pandy

      5 dager siden

      Although villa will always be in Birmingham’s shadow, they played well.

    • N. Adam Williamson

      N. Adam Williamson

      5 dager siden

      "if not for Mings" you mean

  69. Majacks Lelo

    Majacks Lelo

    5 dager siden

    Keep it up bro👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿😎. Kitoko Makasi💪🏿🔥

  70. Marley - ite

    Marley - ite

    5 dager siden

    Arise naysayers😂🤣😂

  71. Spenca


    5 dager siden

    That 1st goal is Diego Costa Didier Drogbaish.

  72. Fitry Hakim

    Fitry Hakim

    5 dager siden

    Let ppl have all the focus on Utd & Ronaldo. We'll take care of business our way. Silent but deadly

  73. Munaisa


    5 dager siden


  74. Moses John . Pedro

    Moses John . Pedro

    5 dager siden

    Thanks Big Luk 💙💙✌

  75. Alberta Love

    Alberta Love

    5 dager siden

    Wow I'm happy for Lukaku for the two goals but did anyone noticed Thiago Silva's performance today? He's such a world class defender

  76. Rixx Kumar

    Rixx Kumar

    5 dager siden

    Chelsea legend in the making

  77. Soccer Is A British Word

    Soccer Is A British Word

    5 dager siden

    Eduard Mendy was 22M = Bargain! Totally underrated, and one of the best keepers in the Prem. And in all of Europe and Africa! 🏆🏆 Even if you add Kepa's 72M (our penalty specialist), it's a great pair of keepers to have. 🙌🏿

  78. bau amis

    bau amis

    5 dager siden

    2 shot 2 goals. Crazy

  79. Mark S

    Mark S

    5 dager siden

    Lukaku is a beast of a player bringing his Inter form over here. One of the premium strikers that can score at least two in a game.

  80. Ray2311us


    5 dager siden

    Not many chances in Italian league he says? Does that mean Ronaldo is going yo rip the premier league teams a new one?

  81. Thomas H.

    Thomas H.

    5 dager siden

    People saying, Lukaku is slow,first touch ball suxs,he cant dribble....of course! 250+ goals in club and 68 with national team at only 28 years old! lol

  82. Reeyan Maknojiya

    Reeyan Maknojiya

    5 dager siden

    Big rom

  83. sony 63361

    sony 63361

    5 dager siden


  84. Ameer Ali777

    Ameer Ali777

    5 dager siden

    Better player and English-speaker than Harry Kane

  85. allan churm

    allan churm

    5 dager siden

    what a start to the season two brilliant strikers arrive in the premier league ....( ronaldo & LuKaKu )

  86. Will Hatfield

    Will Hatfield

    5 dager siden

    He’s a Chelsea fan!!! He’ll always talk about ‘we’ not ‘I’.

  87. sasaMK


    5 dager siden

    Number 9 curse? What curse?

  88. Ahmed Mahmoud

    Ahmed Mahmoud

    5 dager siden

    Lukaku Vs Ronaldo from Italy all the way to England

  89. Atrex


    5 dager siden


  90. Hamza Malik

    Hamza Malik

    5 dager siden

    Thiago Silva showed us today why he's one of the best defenders in the world.

    • Freddie Marsh

      Freddie Marsh

      5 dager siden

      Thiago silva has always been like this. This isn’t anything new. Best defender of his generation ( Ramos genuinely isn’t as good ).

    • Aditya Bisht

      Aditya Bisht

      5 dager siden


    • A.L.E mix

      A.L.E mix

      5 dager siden

      @Aditya Bisht right indeed ... And azpi never give attitude ... Chalobah becoming all rounder still in his learning phase .... And Christensen interception master ...

    • Aditya Bisht

      Aditya Bisht

      5 dager siden

      @HermitYT Still one of the best defenders....he forms a perfect combo with rudiger, with Rudiger being more offensive minded and on the other hand Silva,calm and composed handling the situation perfectly

    • shubham singh

      shubham singh

      5 dager siden

      At the age of 36 years

  91. Groovin' Susan

    Groovin' Susan

    5 dager siden

    As a Chelsea fan, it’s so good to have lukaku back, he is a machine, he is Drogba 2.0!!

    • Alawwiy Abdurrauf

      Alawwiy Abdurrauf

      5 dager siden

      Well, can we say that it's 'Lukaku 2.0'? 😁

  92. Sean Sutton

    Sean Sutton

    5 dager siden

    Two shots on target, two goals. Says it all.

  93. Ethna Mccallion

    Ethna Mccallion

    5 dager siden

    What a great guy

  94. Ionut Pruteanu

    Ionut Pruteanu

    5 dager siden

    you know.. :D

  95. Topfelya


    5 dager siden

    What a brilliant start for him ! He did scored at two different ends

    • D. W

      D. W

      4 dager siden

      @crown lion Move on

    • crown lion

      crown lion

      5 dager siden

      @Pseudonymus Dosh yeah we should all move on

    • Pseudonymus Dosh

      Pseudonymus Dosh

      5 dager siden

      @treeman leafman move on and then move on

    • treeman leafman

      treeman leafman

      5 dager siden

      @Said Mohamud read my comment and move on

    • Said Mohamud

      Said Mohamud

      5 dager siden

      @treeman leafman take the point and move on

  96. gantswood


    5 dager siden

    *Lukaku = Drogba 2.0*

  97. Mohammed Lamin

    Mohammed Lamin

    5 dager siden

    Lukaku is basically a sniper he only needs one shot top marksman💯🔥🔥🔥

  98. gantswood


    5 dager siden

    *What about Mendy who is the best GK in the PL? Non Chelsea people sleep on him, disrespect him and dont rate him because he plays for a smaller international team. If he was German, Brazilian, Argentinian, Italian etc, the media wouldn't stop talking about him. It is a shame that in January he will be gone for 8 weeks for the African Cup of Nations. We all know Lukaku is the best striker in the PL and will get the golden boot. Certainly world class*

    • olawale junaid olawale junaid

      olawale junaid olawale junaid

      5 dager siden

      You're right.

  99. Sean Nkeshimana

    Sean Nkeshimana

    5 dager siden

    Love this club.💙💙