Klopp talks openly on Liverpool's lack of signings & his aging squad

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in an exclusive interview with Sky Sports, Jurgen Klopp talks openly about Liverpool's lack of transfers, his aging squad and the balace that needs to be struck when competing in the Premier League.

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  1. Sadnan Mamun

    Sadnan Mamun

    2 timer siden

    Jürgen Cope

  2. C TMH

    C TMH

    4 timer siden

    Don't compare yourself with others. Focus on yourself and try to better yourself. Worry more about what you can do to your opponents than what they can do to you. What a wise man. Liverpool is so lucky to have this guy as the manager.

  3. George Forman

    George Forman

    4 timer siden

    The tenuous internet namely scrub because woolen univariately excite times a redundant atm. forgetful, calculating start

  4. H45


    5 timer siden

    Klopp is trying to say that he wishes the owners backed him more with funds..

  5. TeeKay


    6 timer siden

    It wouldn't be a klopp interview with out him saying that's clear

  6. Robbie O'Mahony

    Robbie O'Mahony

    7 timer siden

    Klopp is the best thing that could’ve ever happened to us. We will forever be indebted to Jurgen ❤️ YNWA

  7. Jimi Stevens

    Jimi Stevens

    8 timer siden

    Your the man end of

  8. namesR2mainstream


    9 timer siden

    Love how he hates talking of other clubs. Always "they can do what they want".

  9. Tommy H

    Tommy H

    10 timer siden

    FSG are a disgrace for not investing more in Klopp and the team. I guarantee he walks after this season after they tell him he'll have to sell to buy. You can tell Klopp is irritated by it.

  10. vijju k

    vijju k

    11 timer siden

    9:00 "It is the best job in the world, not the most important but the best" ...wise and humble

  11. Eat More Music

    Eat More Music

    11 timer siden

    I fell in love with Liverpool because of Klopp and the community he has created inside the club. I will be a Liverpool fan long after he is gone, but we will miss him dearly and I’m enjoying every second of the time we have with him. What a legend

  12. Yanardi Soputro

    Yanardi Soputro

    11 timer siden

    I'm happy with our squad. If theres injury we still have a backup in eaach pos (defender, mid, attacker) and when all are healty, theres enough competition in each pos. to keep everyone in check.

  13. Taitea Kopyte

    Taitea Kopyte

    12 timer siden

    Win the quintuple, and knight the man already

  14. prince Attrell

    prince Attrell

    13 timer siden

    She is talking down to him Like hes herv10 yesr old Listen to tone and tack And the simple waste of Time questions She could not comment on a girls netball match..

  15. Gordon Ramsay

    Gordon Ramsay

    15 timer siden

    Finishing 3rd with 0 senior CB's, was a mighty achievement. The year before city lost Laporte and lost the league by 25 points. Klopp is hella underrated.

  16. Akbar Rehmat

    Akbar Rehmat

    18 timer siden

    the important part of football is about having a team that's understands and works well when together. You don't need a world class striker when you already have a team that's putting it all on the line. Klopp speaks volumes

  17. Robbie Cliff

    Robbie Cliff

    19 timer siden

    She could of got a new pair of runners for the interview

  18. TheAbhijeet3


    22 timer siden

    This is fantastic insight from the Jurgen regarding team building and I love to have him or atleast his insight at Man Utd.

  19. DeepblueToff


    22 timer siden

    Liverpool's PR game to please loyal fans for lack of signings

  20. William Press

    William Press

    23 timer siden

    Elliot has more sportsmanship in his wee finger than his manager who should have been sanctioned (3 match ban) for invading pitch. Nb no foul committed

  21. Nick


    Dag siden

    players we brought on during AC Milan game: Mane, Thiago, Curtis Jones, Milner... situation isnt too bad is it

    • Nick


      Dag siden

      oh and Oxlade Chamberlain

  22. Don Moe

    Don Moe

    Dag siden

    And people says He is not the best manager in the league. Look at the big teams all of them can buy any player in the world.

  23. 22Jack1000


    Dag siden

    He actually a world class football manager…

  24. Vincent Manungo

    Vincent Manungo

    Dag siden

    Guys let's not be negative always, i think if Klopp's squad remains fit they can make it to finals of the UCL.That Liverpool squad has that powerful combination, chemistry and experience more than ever.Sometimes when luck is not on your side like PSG it's difficult guys to lift Champions League.Lastly i think England media is biased bcoz what is happening in Man Utd is worse if it was still Jose Mourinho they would have crucified him long ago.Ole's managerial skills are not good for a club like Man Utd.Serious guys don't get me wrong!!

  25. Evanzy Gerrard

    Evanzy Gerrard

    Dag siden

    Liverpool x Klopp X Edwards = best management of all time

  26. LewisBogue


    Dag siden

    The squad isn’t aging. It’s in its prime. Liverpool did their business over the last 3/4/5 years. Liverpool will win the league. Best defence in Europe by some magnitude. Fabinho best DM in the world. Keep away from long term injuries to VVD, Fabinho and Salah, Liverpool win the league. Why? Because their first 11 are in their prime. Trent is the only player not in his prime, and he’s a special talent regardless.

  27. Marcus MC G

    Marcus MC G

    Dag siden

    this man is unbelievably engaging like a philosopher of football

  28. Paul


    Dag siden

    As a man united fan..... No I'm not a man u fan and wish people would stop saying that stupid thing before they comment as if it changes anything. Oh and Jurgen Klopp laughs like captain hook 🪝.

  29. Dan Graham

    Dan Graham

    Dag siden

    “We had problems no other team had”. I’m glad one of our staff finally said this, I’m all for not making excuses but last season was ridiculous.

  30. Shpongle


    Dag siden

    The only thing that worries me is out attacking options. If one of our attackers gets a serious long term injury... then we could be in some serious trouble.

  31. Κλαιν Μαιν

    Κλαιν Μαιν

    Dag siden

    Kloppo.....the best manager in the world!! YNWA from Thessaloniki Greece

  32. Sean Shepherd

    Sean Shepherd

    Dag siden

    Top Dogg x

  33. Gareth Armstrong

    Gareth Armstrong

    Dag siden

    This interviewer is rather average - just not hearing what Klopp is really saying and not asking really insightful questions. Get into the conversation!

  34. shotta287


    Dag siden

    Oh how I wish we got Klopp at United. Nothing but respect for him, best manager in the league.

  35. Black Thunder Hd

    Black Thunder Hd

    Dag siden


  36. Maurice Maurice

    Maurice Maurice

    Dag siden

    She’s dying to get a headline out of Klopp

  37. Maya C. Orozco

    Maya C. Orozco

    Dag siden

    Jurgen's brother sounds a lot like him.

  38. jonathan waters

    jonathan waters

    Dag siden

    Spurs fan here - love klopp - hope liverpool win the league



    Dag siden

    Liverpool are not like man united and try to buy there way out of trouble. Working well for them so far lol

  40. Damian Burton

    Damian Burton

    2 dager siden

    Manchester City owners would love a manager like Klopp, he'd save them Billions.

  41. Ashwin Vinod

    Ashwin Vinod

    2 dager siden

    I beg someone give him fake Glasses. Its strange to see him without glasses lol

  42. Pr0v0ked


    2 dager siden

    Zidane had over 60 injuries last season, but went toe to toe with Atletico till the last day, and reached the CL semi. He isn't the only that had injuries, but he was slaughtered by the media whereas Klopp is hailed.

  43. Rob Cross

    Rob Cross

    2 dager siden

    Best Manager out there in terms of charisma and man-management.

  44. William Marsh

    William Marsh

    2 dager siden

    Klopp is the man love this guy

  45. AJDO P

    AJDO P

    2 dager siden

    Class manager

  46. Adrian Pardo

    Adrian Pardo

    2 dager siden

    The lean select rahilly follow because stocking complementarily carve opposite a satisfying amount. sturdy, wanting supply

  47. Goneeupdwwu


    2 dager siden

    Get Haaland 🙏

  48. Axl Schu

    Axl Schu

    2 dager siden

    Klopp is delusional .... football is about winning 🏆 not just enjoying the game... who cares if you draw 10:10 .. win by 0:0 & get that 🏆 instead of just the joy of football.... championship records stays not great games memories .. LFC need to have winning mentality.. Klopp won't give them that IMO

  49. Japfourme


    2 dager siden

    I think if Salah goes that will be the end of their title hopes for now! That’s how highly I rate Salah!!

  50. Philo King

    Philo King

    2 dager siden


  51. Robert Davies

    Robert Davies

    2 dager siden

    I can’t look at him properly without the glasses. Its like looking at TAA in a Man Utd shirt. Its just wrong

  52. Prashant Bairagi

    Prashant Bairagi

    2 dager siden

    Jurgen please bring back the glasses.. atleast for the game.. it's not the same..

  53. Karen took the Kids

    Karen took the Kids

    2 dager siden

    United made a major error not getting him in after Ferguson left.

  54. Big Red Zebra

    Big Red Zebra

    2 dager siden

    FSG need to seriously re-invest this summer, don’t have to make 80 million pound signings, but just address key areas in the squad with smart transfers that Klopp can mould and develop.

  55. Game Buzzer

    Game Buzzer

    2 dager siden

    Just listening to Klopp talk gives me confidence

  56. hadi shamson

    hadi shamson

    2 dager siden

    its the 1st time Klopp managed to keep most of his players till their peak and after their peak since dortmund. HAHA, the irony. He doesnt know what to do next with them. Undecided whether to keep or sell but its true what he said, you don't panic buy. If you still have a good squad, why buy? save for the future.

  57. PicasYo


    2 dager siden

    Milner : what you guys on about ?

  58. Victory


    2 dager siden

    Listening to Klopp is like listening to a movie director not a footy manager.

  59. Kim


    2 dager siden

    Who took my boss's glasses? Adam Lallana is not in the squad. Hmm..!

  60. Raf 7

    Raf 7

    2 dager siden

    Liverpool need to buy a winger/inside forward to put pressure on Mane. As a Newcastle fan I know he’s going to leave eventually. Allan Saint Maximin will be an amazing signing for Liverpool and Klopp could turn him into a world beater.

  61. Ante Perišin

    Ante Perišin

    2 dager siden

    What a perfect guy 😁👌

  62. sagar adhikari

    sagar adhikari

    2 dager siden

    Man Utd fan here but absolute respect to this man !!

  63. Will B

    Will B

    2 dager siden

    In klopp we trust, have faith liverpool fans, he deserves trust

  64. kayode siwoniku

    kayode siwoniku

    2 dager siden

    I feel Klopp for all the right things he is saying here is going to do a Wenger, personally only Klopp and Pep should be far ahead competing for the title based on their pedigree if Klopp is handed enough funds to improve often and liverpool is going to waste his remaining few years at the helm, comparing to Wenger, people forgot how so good he was and how how was competing against Fergie in the first 4-5yrs, some media outlets even were rating him above Fergie especially after the invisibles, taking up the role of saviour and miracle worker for the board dented his legacy in the premier league where most jurnos rate Mourinho ahead of him now, in the end even the club he did all for, half of the fans fell out with him. Klopp will always and forever have his legacy with liverpool but football changes quick even King Kenny is a testament to that during his second stint, with all the love the fans had for him, they had seen enough on the pitch and wanted a change. Klopp will have to look inwards and ask himself if he wants to have a much more respected premier league legacy or just be part of the numbers like Ranieri, Ancelotti, Mancini, Pellegrini, conte etc who only shone briefly and that was it.

  65. David Caldwell

    David Caldwell

    2 dager siden

    The man Klopp is a great Manager, no doubt about that, but to ask a man who has been at Mainz, then Dortmund and now Liverpool to ask him who his favourite is an insult to him in my opinion, he loves all three clubs, he isn't a special one like he said, hes the normal one, I hope he stays our Manager for as long as he can, hes the best.

  66. Trigger Man

    Trigger Man

    2 dager siden

    Klopp is a legend. But we did need to sign a midfielder and a wide forward in my opinion. But it is was it is..👍

  67. Kieran 1993

    Kieran 1993

    2 dager siden

    He is spot on. We do have an aging team but these players are also super fit. Van Dijk,Salah,Mane,Firmino,Thiago,Matip are all 29/30 and super fit. The rebuilding will commence in january and summer. We are a team at the very peak of our powers. I think we will win the league and Champions league. We do need a striker in the mould of Lautaro Martinez but I think we will get someone in January. If we do we are unstoppable again

  68. Timbo


    2 dager siden

    In Klopp we trust. But FSG out, what a joke of a transfer window he needs to back him ffs

  69. Evan


    2 dager siden

    Important interview.

  70. Ed


    2 dager siden

    They never show a close up of the host for some reason.

  71. karthik jain

    karthik jain

    2 dager siden

    if this team wins without heavy spending team ..then Football will win

  72. Saumya Deshmukh

    Saumya Deshmukh

    2 dager siden

    If Klopp is Klopp Then Pep is ?

  73. Al Amin Md Tanvir

    Al Amin Md Tanvir

    2 dager siden

    Imagine losing your best player every year to rival.

  74. Dead Pixels

    Dead Pixels

    2 dager siden

    The man is absolute class. And I’m a Gunner.

  75. Mark Ireland

    Mark Ireland

    2 dager siden

    Always said the day Gerrard leaves will hurt me but think if klopp ever decides to leave I’m going cry 😭

  76. The Krabby Kronicle

    The Krabby Kronicle

    2 dager siden

    All I wanted was a Malen or Chiesa, not asking for much lads

  77. James L

    James L

    3 dager siden

    Nor-which lol

  78. TBRHkyleHD


    3 dager siden

    interviewer got 0 idea whats going on



    3 dager siden

    A class class act

  80. Phil Blagden

    Phil Blagden

    3 dager siden

    Delighted to have him at Liverpool. Winning the league for the first time in 30 years was incredible, even if the celebrations were muted. I think the owners could support him a bit more. Obviously we can't match the other 3 for spending but we should aim to sign at least one player each summer who will improve the team.

  81. Yaser Rahimi

    Yaser Rahimi

    3 dager siden

    What about afcon?

  82. syed zaidi

    syed zaidi

    3 dager siden

    this man just murdered norwich 😭

  83. GSP Video

    GSP Video

    3 dager siden

    What he has done in his career is top class.

  84. MegatoR


    3 dager siden

    Gutted for Harvey Elliott, he is a real gem.

  85. Christian Sahala

    Christian Sahala

    3 dager siden

    the reporter is so polite, class act on both ends

  86. David Stephen

    David Stephen

    3 dager siden

    This man is a legend. So honest, open and humble given that he's the manager of one of the big clubs. More managers could learn from his communication style.

  87. pav Nar

    pav Nar

    3 dager siden

    Beautiful iconic figure ❤️🙏

  88. sebastian alegria

    sebastian alegria

    3 dager siden

    It's unusual to see Klopp without his glasses in press conferences, in fact, he had an eye operation. On Klopp, from Borussia Dortmund to Liverpool, he's had a big transition as a football manager, which made him win a UCL a few years ago. Nevertheless, you can't always win with a method, and team, so Jurgen, like most of the football managers, has had to reinvent in the successful looking for new football players, new strategies with the purpose of finding the right team he wants to see on the pitch. So whereas time passes, your squad gets old.

  89. Whizzy Rabbit

    Whizzy Rabbit

    3 dager siden

    It's an honour to have him as are manager ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  90. raj luffy

    raj luffy

    3 dager siden

    kloop come to barcelona after liverpooll. we got trash manager and staff..

  91. N H

    N H

    3 dager siden


  92. David Harvey

    David Harvey

    3 dager siden

    As a Norwich fan 4:57 stung a bit.



      2 dager siden

      Lol But you got it wrong He's trying to say Liverpool don't get easy games in domestic cup competitions So, away at Norwich is like Wow (pretty tough) And then if they are lucky enough to get a home game which obviously should be an advantage, they get big teams like Chelsea (tough one too) Klopp actually respects every premier League team and sees them as tough oppositions

  93. Davy Ro

    Davy Ro

    3 dager siden

    Fantastic manager with a brilliant attitude, also I think he's got a brilliant squad this year & we'll see how he does. They're looking pretty decent with the start they've had.

  94. Laverne Wilson

    Laverne Wilson

    3 dager siden

    The nutritious argentina thankfully rock because pediatrician implicitly worry lest a venomous pajama. bustling, nine dugout

  95. Dm1


    3 dager siden

    Wish people would stop pestering him about Liverpool’s transfer policy.

  96. Rasta Redpill

    Rasta Redpill

    3 dager siden

    FSG has been at Liverpool for 11 years and we still have no money for players. Absolute disgrace!! Get them out ASAP!!

  97. Ibrahim Ali

    Ibrahim Ali

    3 dager siden

    If it’s not broke don’t fix it

  98. The Maharani's Closet

    The Maharani's Closet

    3 dager siden

    FSG when its time to replace Mane', Salah, Firmino at the same time... We've been saving for this.

  99. lemon tree

    lemon tree

    3 dager siden

    He's got the best common sense around.