"Just say 'I dribble very well'" 😃 18 year old Cristiano Ronaldo being interviewed with Gary Neville

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An 18 year old Cristiano Ronaldo being interviewed for the first time as a Man Utd player back in 2003 alongside Gary Neville.
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  1. Pedro Santos

    Pedro Santos

    2 timer siden

    Are you feeling confident? - Yes. I am awake.

  2. Keyaru


    9 timer siden

    Definition of success

  3. Football Artisan

    Football Artisan

    Dag siden

    From nothing to everything❤️👑🐐

  4. Luke Hyde

    Luke Hyde

    Dag siden

    Ronaldo had the strongest glow up.

  5. Seb Lovell

    Seb Lovell

    2 dager siden

    Gary’s laugh is becoming iconic 😂

  6. Captain Jack Sparrow

    Captain Jack Sparrow

    2 dager siden

    He doesn't know what confidence mean cause he is the definition.

  7. Ginger Rabbit

    Ginger Rabbit

    2 dager siden

    After 3 years in Italy: "Grazzie" "Ti aspecto" "Porco Dio"

  8. Gokul M

    Gokul M

    3 dager siden

    That time, no one thought that he will become the highest international all time goal scorer in the future

  9. DS N

    DS N

    3 dager siden

    Feels like they're making this the new sky sports retro

  10. Paulose Mathai

    Paulose Mathai

    3 dager siden

    Are we not going to talk about that this is so wholesome??

  11. belajar menggambar

    belajar menggambar

    3 dager siden

    Who also watch when he this aged was also interview who the best player in the world,, and he say he is..

  12. Μανόλης Λυντιρίδης

    Μανόλης Λυντιρίδης

    4 dager siden

    After all these years I would like to thank the NOnet algorithm for bringing us all back together

  13. TSP


    4 dager siden


  14. Sidhant Sharma

    Sidhant Sharma

    4 dager siden

    now confident and unbelievable are his favorite words and he uses them in all his interviews .

  15. Just Some guy who killed the BeastTitan

    Just Some guy who killed the BeastTitan

    4 dager siden

    Neville is the greates translator ever lol

  16. Davey B

    Davey B

    4 dager siden

    Gary Neville nuff Said

  17. vangledosh


    4 dager siden

    "are you feeling more confident??" "Uhh I not understand" Gary with a Mancunian accent: are you confident?

  18. Pro Burnt-Rice 🍚

    Pro Burnt-Rice 🍚

    5 dager siden

    Except for Nistelruoy,it is very evident that all the then senior MUFC players very much adore the young Cristiano.

  19. Abhay Chaudhary

    Abhay Chaudhary

    5 dager siden

    He don't understand confidence Confidence had to understand him❤️

  20. VenuumVEVO


    5 dager siden

    He was like "Confident" i have to know that word 😂😂😂

  21. John B Kamara

    John B Kamara

    5 dager siden

    He sounds good

  22. 99Gara99


    6 dager siden

    Confident sounds similar to Portuguese word for undisclosed, that's why he was confused...

  23. Борислав Димитров

    Борислав Димитров

    6 dager siden

    Typical penaldo

  24. Nikhil Vetukadan

    Nikhil Vetukadan

    7 dager siden

    Cr7: "i don't understand" Confident: "it's you"

    • Борислав Димитров

      Борислав Димитров

      6 dager siden

      Zlatan :Who is disturbing me?

  25. Krandy 11

    Krandy 11

    7 dager siden

    Another subtle sign of how he is cut from a different cloth in confidence is the fact that he even went through the interview in complete English. So many stars that come to a new league rely on translators because their lack of confidence in their speaking a different language. Ronaldo is a symbol of perfection in man. No fear in anything he does, which for me is why he can’t be compared to any other man.

  26. Lucky Lad

    Lucky Lad

    7 dager siden

    Bear with me here: the interviewer is asking a confident Ronaldo, who doesn’t understand the word ‘confident,’ if he’s confident while Gary translates the word ‘confident’ to ‘confident’ as he hands him a whole bottle of confidence

    • iSwearToCod


      6 dager siden

      very cringe

  27. Lou C

    Lou C

    7 dager siden

    Young CR7 is different breeds

  28. D A

    D A

    7 dager siden

    Some 100 years later ... Reporter: Are you feeling confident ? Player : Sorry ,no understand. Reporter: Are you feeling CR7? Player: Ja ja CR7 Ja!!!!



    8 dager siden

    I enjoy the game I dribble very well and I'm the best ever.. 😅😅😅

  30. Kofi O

    Kofi O

    8 dager siden

    Wow! It's crazy to see him almost the same height as Gary Neville.

  31. Nandu Vnair

    Nandu Vnair

    8 dager siden

    2003 ronaldo : i dont know the meaning of confident.. 2021 ronaldo : that s my nick name

  32. fury


    8 dager siden


  33. Nigel Thomas

    Nigel Thomas

    8 dager siden

    Look what a confident man he turned into, his command of English significantly improved eventhough he spent almost a decade away from England, what a role model 🦵

  34. Vegan Mortgage Adviser

    Vegan Mortgage Adviser

    8 dager siden

    The boy has come a long way

  35. Eduardo Santiago Cal

    Eduardo Santiago Cal

    8 dager siden

    the man got MOTM before knowing the word confidence :)

  36. hbilha


    8 dager siden

    Confidence in portuguese is _confiança_ . He should of got it.

  37. Liam lll

    Liam lll

    8 dager siden

    If Gary wasn't a footballer he'd be the sort of guy to go on holiday to benidorm and get angry with the locals for not speaking English

  38. Arjun Wijayaratnam

    Arjun Wijayaratnam

    8 dager siden

    Classic monolingual people hahaha You ask for the definition and they use the exact same word (that you still don't know) in a sentence and expect the spirit of Shakespeare to possess you and magically understand the meaning. My friend: uses "Nonplussed" in scrabble Me: The hell does it mean? My friend: Oh I was feeling Nonplussed about something you know? Me: -_-

  39. nifty media

    nifty media

    8 dager siden


  40. reikhongul rangla

    reikhongul rangla

    9 dager siden

    Lukaku or c ronaldo... Who is better

  41. Jon Mop jovi

    Jon Mop jovi

    9 dager siden

    Gary talks like I do to the Portuguese waiter. "I like have fish"

  42. DAY KJ 🎶

    DAY KJ 🎶

    9 dager siden

    Ronaldo ❤️❤️

  43. Lfc man Lfc

    Lfc man Lfc

    9 dager siden

    The hack of him

  44. Bikash Satpathy

    Bikash Satpathy

    9 dager siden

    I love how Neville had his back during the interview, answering on his behalf rather than making things awkward for the 18 yo kid. It's this kind of support from teammates at a young stage that builds a champion 🏆

  45. Jay


    9 dager siden

    We really saw Cristiano Ronaldo grow up on the football pitch. He looks and is behaving like a teenager, but he is now one of the greatest of all time. He’s changed massively.

  46. F R

    F R

    10 dager siden

    Midgetsi 18 years later : confident? mi no english.

  47. Rob Fenton

    Rob Fenton

    10 dager siden

    here: doesn't understand the word confident at juve: does a celebration where he showed the crowd his 6 pack

  48. redda2


    10 dager siden

    He doesn't speak English?

  49. Lam


    10 dager siden

    At ManU everyone loves CR7

  50. goated


    10 dager siden

    reporter:are you feeling more and more confident with each game? ronaldo:i no understand reporter:*waiting for gary to help him gary:Are you confident?(fluent accent)

  51. Anjan Paudel

    Anjan Paudel

    11 dager siden

    Words can't describe what I'm feeling about the fact that he's gonna be on the Old Trafford pitch in red leading the attack. ❤️

  52. Sachin R

    Sachin R

    11 dager siden

    Bruh go learn English ...he is definitely a one season wonder 😏

    • Manish Dhameja

      Manish Dhameja

      11 dager siden


  53. TheMetalMouse


    11 dager siden

    Still had better English than Harry Kane and Wayne Rooney combined. GGMU.

  54. Cameron Holmes

    Cameron Holmes

    11 dager siden

    Even here he still spoke better English than people from Newcastle

  55. Yip Man

    Yip Man

    11 dager siden

    You gotta ooze confidence to agree to an interview in a language you doesn't really understand

  56. Chris Bwee

    Chris Bwee

    11 dager siden

    Interviewer: Are you confident? Cristiano: Ha I don't understand! Gary Neville: aRe yOu cOnFiDeNt?

  57. Bonnie Drasco

    Bonnie Drasco

    11 dager siden

    Christiano just say “Gary you dribble all the time, as you hunch back of old Trafford”

  58. Dylan Booysen

    Dylan Booysen

    11 dager siden

    Giving a pioneer champagne. Great thinking 🤔🤔

  59. SebSk


    11 dager siden

    Neville sounds more foreign than Ronaldo when he first speaks

  60. Jacob Ciomek

    Jacob Ciomek

    11 dager siden

    Gary actually told ferguson to sign cristiano such a duo

  61. Abdul Mumin

    Abdul Mumin

    11 dager siden

    Signed as a young prodigy at 18 years of age then leaves comes back after 18 years as a living legend probably Manchester Uniteds best ever player. Who knows maybe after another 18 years he will come back as a Manager never say never ? If im still alive il come back here in 2039

  62. T A

    T A

    12 dager siden

    Would be good if the reporter can ask the question in both languages for 'new to English' players.

  63. si_clay


    12 dager siden

    aint this video are supposed to be in Sky Sports Retro?

  64. James O'Connor

    James O'Connor

    12 dager siden

    What a legend

  65. BK007


    12 dager siden

    Gary looks the same after 20 years, amazing.

  66. taherajenz


    12 dager siden

    Even though Ronaldo spoke a bit of English there but it still sounded better than Harry Kane's English 😐

  67. Blue Cheese

    Blue Cheese

    12 dager siden


  68. MoJoHavok


    12 dager siden

    i remember watching him when he first came to Utd.. he was raw, he’s passing, crossing, and shooting wasn’t the best.. and now look at him. Incredible..a true professional

  69. Johnny B

    Johnny B

    12 dager siden

    Worlds best player ever 👍

  70. Adaa -Uk

    Adaa -Uk

    13 dager siden

    Then and now English Ronald edition

  71. shwe mg

    shwe mg

    13 dager siden


  72. RK


    13 dager siden

    Reporter: Are you feeling confident? Ronaldo: I dont understand Gary: Are👏you👏feeling👏confident👏

    • Safey Smith

      Safey Smith

      Dag siden


  73. Jeevan Patrick D'souza

    Jeevan Patrick D'souza

    13 dager siden

    Now Cristiano is the definition of Confidence.

  74. True sport

    True sport

    13 dager siden

    watching this with a smile on my face

  75. Nishant Sharma

    Nishant Sharma

    13 dager siden

    He later became the definition of CONFIDENCE .....come on ronnie.... ONCE A RED IS ALWAYS A RED

  76. Sean Charlie84

    Sean Charlie84

    13 dager siden

    Gary just repeats the same word slower, no wonder he didn't last long on his career as an interpreter

  77. ™️Brown


    13 dager siden

    Wow this is insane

  78. Artist


    13 dager siden

    He had his 2nd 1st interview as a United player 18 years later, doubled in age. The man is incredible

  79. Emamboccus umar riaz

    Emamboccus umar riaz

    13 dager siden

    Waiting for Gary Neville interviewing him after a match

  80. Craig-Burns-Lads


    13 dager siden

    Even being a Citzen, can't wait to see the enormous ovation he's gonna get on his re-debut at the Old Trafford 👏 👏 👏

    • Nerf Mac an Gabhann

      Nerf Mac an Gabhann

      7 dager siden

      Pity it won't be on TV.

    • Paul Ngugi

      Paul Ngugi

      10 dager siden

      Me too!

  81. Mudit


    13 dager siden

    Gary best translator in the history of football

  82. H C

    H C

    13 dager siden

    Man didn’t understand English at 18 and now he speaks better English than Harry Kane

  83. Mike01


    13 dager siden

    Sky Sports turned into Manchester TV.

  84. Duncan Sherman - Hail Hydra

    Duncan Sherman - Hail Hydra

    13 dager siden

    I would say that he spoke better English than Harry Kane, but apparently it’s not ‘original’ according to the originality police

  85. tompaaz


    13 dager siden

    Sky milking it.. nothing new to see here folks!

  86. CHAZE2B


    13 dager siden

    I guess we're not ugly, we just poor

  87. Marjan P

    Marjan P

    13 dager siden

    Sky sports should have added a new interview to this one so as to show the ultimate changes in his personality in terms of 'confidence'...🤣😂

  88. Mike Gitonga

    Mike Gitonga

    13 dager siden

    I'm all smiles here😅

  89. King Tshilobo

    King Tshilobo

    13 dager siden

    I remember when Ferguson signed Ronaldo and Nani when everyone else where sleeping. But look how far he’s come and how he changed his game. Hard work

  90. MarwanElsaba


    13 dager siden

    Gary repeating the question which cristiano didn't understand 😂

  91. DjDevachild Music

    DjDevachild Music

    13 dager siden

    This made me happy I can’t lie. To see how they use to look after him now he returns the goat. I’ll finally get to watch cr7 playing for Man U with my friends and understand the game and know I’ve see the legend play live and the memories Will soak in. Don’t mind me guys when he was playing for Man U I had to listen on bbc radio in Jamaica 😭 now watch the games live. How cool technology is

    • Paul Ngugi

      Paul Ngugi

      10 dager siden

      That's amazing 😃

  92. Mona Lisa

    Mona Lisa

    13 dager siden

    He doesn't look much different does he. But his body language tells he was a teenager and now he's an adult.

  93. Learn with Gandalf

    Learn with Gandalf

    13 dager siden

    From here my brother became a one of the greatest player in the universe

  94. ToMiCo 91

    ToMiCo 91

    13 dager siden

    Sky Sports for DS.

  95. ervin chua

    ervin chua

    13 dager siden

    Somehow he turned out to be one of the most confident man in the world.

  96. Lincoln D

    Lincoln D

    13 dager siden

    Gary Neville did the same thing for his Valencia team talks when he players didn't understand.

  97. 1and 2

    1and 2

    13 dager siden

    "are you confident" Cristiano: I don't understand Gary: "are you confident"

    • Diego Lisandro Ruiz2

      Diego Lisandro Ruiz2

      3 dager siden

      What garry imagined: "Ooh thank you fella, now i understand"

    • Subhasis Sarkar

      Subhasis Sarkar

      10 dager siden

      Ronaldo : thanks that helped alot

    • manish yadav

      manish yadav

      13 dager siden


  98. 1and 2

    1and 2

    13 dager siden

    "are you confident" Cristiano: I don't understand Gary: "are you confident"

  99. Juhel Hoque

    Juhel Hoque

    13 dager siden

    His voice hasn't changed a single bit

  100. JDDC 9447

    JDDC 9447

    13 dager siden

    Fresh from Portugal still managed to have an interview in English Respect King