"I'm here to win AGAIN!" | Ronaldo on his return to Man Utd and reuniting with Ole & Carrick!

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Cristiano Ronaldo is BACK on the Old Trafford pitch! Ronaldo speaks to Wes Brown about the reasons for his return to Manchester United, and what he's expecting in his second spell in Manchester.
Video courtesy of ManUtd.com

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  1. Sky Sports Football

    Sky Sports Football

    7 dager siden

    Thanks to ManUtd.com for the clip! Remember you can see highlights from Man Utd vs Newcastle right here on our Sky Sports Football NOnet channel at 5:15pm Saturday! 👊

    • Rikesh Patel

      Rikesh Patel

      6 dager siden

      Just stop the 3pm black it's so backwards ffs ppl will just steam it and you guys will loose out. Ngl BT and sky just missed out on the biggest views today. Oh well

    • Me


      6 dager siden

      @Stealthy Codm Nothing to reply?

    • Me


      6 dager siden

      @Stealthy Codm Messi scores open goal penaldo only scores penalty

    • Stealthy Codm

      Stealthy Codm

      6 dager siden

      @Me pessi

    • Stealthy Codm

      Stealthy Codm

      6 dager siden

      @Sean Lee stop the joke lol

  2. Adonis Top of Men

    Adonis Top of Men

    Dag siden

    fantastic ......

  3. Rex Ter

    Rex Ter

    2 dager siden

    2:43 "to put Manchester United where they deserve to be" makes me cry So excited to see Ronaldo is back!!!

  4. Ricardo Fernandes

    Ricardo Fernandes

    3 dager siden

    He’s really improved is English, I’m anxious to see this beast performing on the England pitch… força Portugal 🇵🇹

  5. Tennis


    3 dager siden

    Ronaldo's HGH Kneck!!!!!

  6. abcdef


    3 dager siden

    'Close your eyes and he never went away'

  7. Jonas Loïc

    Jonas Loïc

    3 dager siden


  8. Hayden Dias

    Hayden Dias

    3 dager siden

    Manchester on Saturday gave me vibes of the past n cr7 vil make dt happen ❤️❤️❤️

  9. A A

    A A

    4 dager siden

    Go on Wes Hopefully do another couple of interviews throughout the season and when we're lifting a cup or two

  10. Jurie Mussa

    Jurie Mussa

    4 dager siden

    If Ronald is back to M-U but untd can't not get it any title anymore

  11. creamos malaysia

    creamos malaysia

    4 dager siden

    I bet the entire universe was screaming, jumping up and down when he scored that 1st goal.

  12. Turab Muhammadi

    Turab Muhammadi

    4 dager siden

    0:49, my man keeps up with modern culture, love that sound from the handshake

  13. Forky-Reviews-and-Rants


    4 dager siden

    Yup good chance to win the Charity shield

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    4 dager siden


  15. Equipe TATA Touts projet-Projet

    Equipe TATA Touts projet-Projet

    4 dager siden

    Cr7 ballon d'or officiel

  16. Sherry Romero

    Sherry Romero

    4 dager siden

    The lacking plate ultrasonically cure because dream electrophoretically chase apud a bright morning. abiding, ill-fated congo

  17. Roxanne Thoran

    Roxanne Thoran

    4 dager siden

    The rhetorical cyclone microbiologically force because asia atypically fasten about a apathetic philosophy. overt, puny box

  18. rookielegend


    4 dager siden

    CR7 could not have picked a better time to come back. We do have the talent and the potential, but they need that confidence, drive, and discipline CR7 embodies. That relentless drive to be the winner under any pressure-- probably makes him the best the game has ever seen.

  19. SLB Chanel

    SLB Chanel

    4 dager siden

    Cr7 top

  20. _ M

    _ M

    4 dager siden

    Ronaldo is back home😎

  21. Jose Perez

    Jose Perez

    4 dager siden

    Good move by MUtd , Ronaldo is the ultimate professional it don’t matter what league or team , he always gives it all.

  22. Kale Kale

    Kale Kale

    4 dager siden

    Dad's game

  23. Kale Kale

    Kale Kale

    4 dager siden

    It's lava cause you gotta do unorthodox things nothing gonna happen if you throw it in lava this not pretend

  24. Kale Kale

    Kale Kale

    4 dager siden

    Humble + grind better not kill lava no touches easy

  25. Daily Sports YT

    Daily Sports YT

    4 dager siden

    beautiful sharing. sty blessed 💐🇬🇧

  26. Shubob TV

    Shubob TV

    4 dager siden

    The CR7 vaccine is here! Time to inject new life in Old Trafford. Beast mode activated. CR7

  27. Kingsley's Tech Channel

    Kingsley's Tech Channel

    4 dager siden

    As a techie, the camera auto focus blur was annoying me 😂 As a Man. United supporter, I'm absolutely loving all the united content! Ronny has put a spark back in the club and supporters!

  28. Star Wonder

    Star Wonder

    4 dager siden


  29. Abdullah Osman

    Abdullah Osman

    5 dager siden

    Can someone tell me the name of his shoes please

    • Ben F

      Ben F

      4 dager siden

      He doesn't wear shoes, he wears Jesus sandals

  30. Sports Ayush

    Sports Ayush

    5 dager siden


  31. Vladyslav Kurbatskyy

    Vladyslav Kurbatskyy

    5 dager siden


  32. burkan torun

    burkan torun

    5 dager siden


  33. Enoch Amoah

    Enoch Amoah

    5 dager siden

    Who is watching after his 2 goals? 👍

  34. Patrick Benson

    Patrick Benson

    5 dager siden

    In 3 to 4 years. Gonna be a fun couple years.

  35. 11viya


    5 dager siden

    I always love how he knows what a great player he is but he is always referencing the team, WE ARE GOING TO DO IT. Anything is possible! Im thankful for him for bringing a new energy back to the club!

  36. male11nov


    5 dager siden

    I am not fan of him or R Madrid, and I am hating on Manutd, but He will finish his career at Real Madrid, watch. Marseille Unique.

  37. DOH


    5 dager siden

    The smile is genuine

  38. Bruce Hoo Fung

    Bruce Hoo Fung

    5 dager siden

    Wes Brown did a good interview...after all, he assisted Cristi's first Champions League final goal in 2008

  39. tis tre

    tis tre

    5 dager siden

    please wes brown your interview as if like you dont know him before. you got play with him before.. lol

  40. Ashish Nalavade

    Ashish Nalavade

    5 dager siden

    Always a cr 7 fan 🙏

  41. JayS


    5 dager siden

    Remember Wes goal-pass in the final CL in Moscow )

  42. Hirak K

    Hirak K

    5 dager siden

    Why is he so thin ,, i hope he is ok

    • hamza benkhlafa

      hamza benkhlafa

      5 dager siden

      lol are you for real ? hes the best shaped man ever , the less the fat on the body the thin you become. so

  43. Precious Mwanika

    Precious Mwanika

    5 dager siden

    Who's here after he scored a brace

  44. estario


    5 dager siden

    Who's Tommy?

  45. Voidx


    5 dager siden

    we just need Rooney back

  46. winona7


    5 dager siden


  47. Big Jumpa

    Big Jumpa

    5 dager siden

    There was some chill in me when he said I'm ready to go. A little bit of fear too.

  48. Andy Moskowitz

    Andy Moskowitz

    5 dager siden

    Now that's a look lad isn't` it! Ronaldo back with Manchester United!

  49. Nolai


    5 dager siden

    Boom and he did it again

  50. mulinanr


    5 dager siden

    Wes buffed up... Nice!

  51. Beltus Nkwawir

    Beltus Nkwawir

    5 dager siden

    Two goals at his first game with ManUtd is impressive. He's the GOAT

  52. Black Cat

    Black Cat

    5 dager siden

    welcome back CR7 you belong here, you're family! you bring joy to this games

  53. Double A

    Double A

    5 dager siden

    Who is here after Newcastle??? ⚽⚽

  54. Shino Shibu

    Shino Shibu

    5 dager siden

    Who is here after he scored 2 goals.

  55. David Alexander Music

    David Alexander Music

    5 dager siden

    He proved today in his 1st game back that he plays his best football in the MMMs -- Madrid, Manchester and his home - Madeira. Play on!

  56. 46 Dollaz

    46 Dollaz

    5 dager siden

    Everyone who is saying this guy is rude... 😂🤦‍♂️

  57. Mistercutie Merlin

    Mistercutie Merlin

    5 dager siden

    *_True love doesn’t have a happy ending. It has no ending._*

  58. RevengeOfOmega Kieran

    RevengeOfOmega Kieran

    5 dager siden

    *_03:38_**_ The longer you hide your feelings for someone, the more you fall for them._*

  59. Rabia Zahra

    Rabia Zahra

    5 dager siden

    Sooo happy for him

  60. Sandy Totox

    Sandy Totox

    5 dager siden

    Thank Cristiano and what a start 2 goals

  61. Tommy Turner

    Tommy Turner

    5 dager siden

    Cristiano will be added to the coaching set up after he retires

  62. sipho george

    sipho george

    5 dager siden

    Cristiano Ronaldo!!!! 🐐🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🥇

  63. Joefry Angus

    Joefry Angus

    5 dager siden


  64. Danny


    5 dager siden

    He looks like a 29 year old, amazing player, and I can't stand Utd

  65. J John

    J John

    5 dager siden

    When he said Tommy who was he referring two

  66. Richard Marvin

    Richard Marvin

    5 dager siden

    We brown shouldn't interview lol just coach lad

  67. LightLion Jason

    LightLion Jason

    5 dager siden

    *_Do you know which side of my heart? It’s beside you!_*

  68. A Omar

    A Omar

    5 dager siden


  69. Phoenix


    6 dager siden

    His language dexterity is just breathtaking

  70. Mebrahtom Gebremeskel

    Mebrahtom Gebremeskel

    6 dager siden

    And he smashed 2 goals in one game today 👏

  71. Arely Lobo

    Arely Lobo

    6 dager siden

    lets GOOOO ... my dude got 2 goals in his first match back

  72. pankaj patle

    pankaj patle

    6 dager siden

    Cr7 2 goals today!! Vamos..king is back🔥💪

  73. Taiju


    6 dager siden

    Who is here after the brace from Ronaldo

  74. wilson mosingi

    wilson mosingi

    6 dager siden

    💪 💯

  75. SKY HIGH


    6 dager siden

    And Yes ! 4-1 ssshhhhh

  76. Aku Amalia99

    Aku Amalia99

    6 dager siden

    Second debut, great goals great performance by CR7, GGMU

  77. homayoon tavan

    homayoon tavan

    6 dager siden

    He made pressure starts and scores 2 goal. This man is unreal

  78. Farel Hasibuan

    Farel Hasibuan

    6 dager siden

    Anotjer debut, another goals .. goat cr7

  79. Meshal N

    Meshal N

    6 dager siden

    The man is a living legend, welcome home CR

  80. divitiae victoria

    divitiae victoria

    6 dager siden

    The bomboclatt GOAT

  81. Boris Stupar

    Boris Stupar

    6 dager siden

    what a confidence CR7! He'll do it again!

  82. SamYaza Mgrx

    SamYaza Mgrx

    6 dager siden

    Red devil is back💥💥

  83. Shiva Xntyal

    Shiva Xntyal

    6 dager siden

    Ronaldo is world football king

  84. Sohaib Abbasi

    Sohaib Abbasi

    6 dager siden

    well his English has definitely improved since the last time he was in man utd.

  85. WarConquest DeathFamine

    WarConquest DeathFamine

    6 dager siden

    Imagine him going to city coz utd didnt pay 30mill etc.

  86. xMurphyBoiix


    6 dager siden

    Just remember united fans he was for signing with City 😆😆

  87. Spurs for Life

    Spurs for Life

    6 dager siden

    R7 has 2 goals already against New Castle 45th and 62nd minute and if anyone can help MU win the league this year is Ronaldo7 the great.. What a player at his age breaking records in England, Spain and Italy. The best club player of all time.

  88. ✘𝕾𝖈𝖆𝖗𝕷𝖃𝕽𝕯


    6 dager siden

    I’m speechless 😶… 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  89. Wiqar Dream

    Wiqar Dream

    6 dager siden

    Now i can watch man united matches with peace

  90. شهريل محمد

    شهريل محمد

    6 dager siden

    Absolutely not expect Ronaldo play with MU again! It's triggered me to buy UNITED'S new jersey...

  91. ahmed salah

    ahmed salah

    6 dager siden

    ronaldo looks like he lost alot of muscle mass

  92. dream.big.!


    6 dager siden

    Messi in PSG, Ronald back with United, what a time to be alive. This guy is the GOAT. His dedication, work ethic, and strive to be better , a big salute to him. He deserves every praise and dollar he gets.On another level. Lets enjoy Ronaldo and Messi as much as we can, until the inevitable.

  93. Sylar


    6 dager siden

    Greatest of all time!

  94. Jay Pusha

    Jay Pusha

    6 dager siden

    This is thre greatest player of this generation. The Ronaldo Messi debate is a misnomer, this guy has done it in three top tier leagues, taken a pay cut to join his beloved Utd, done it on the international level and is a real example that training and hard work pays off.

  95. Coo


    6 dager siden

    He just scored

  96. Muhammad Aziz Bin Abdullah

    Muhammad Aziz Bin Abdullah

    6 dager siden

    From Manchester United to Manchester United,.. CR7 real legand of MU

  97. Philippe Coutinho

    Philippe Coutinho

    6 dager siden


  98. Deepak Sharma

    Deepak Sharma

    6 dager siden

    Who's back here after he scored against Newcastle just now. VIVA RONALDO

  99. Ted Ewood

    Ted Ewood

    6 dager siden

    siuuuuuuuuuuu 47th

  100. Sodu Liife

    Sodu Liife

    6 dager siden

    Was just writing a new song, forget that cr7 returns