"He wasn't 100% comfortable" | Edu explains Willian's Arsenal exit | Edu exclusive

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In an exclusive interview with Sky Sports' Geoff Shreeves, Arsenal technical director Edu discusses the signing of Willian and why it didn't work out for the Brazilian at the Emirates Stadium.

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  1. Anthony Speers

    Anthony Speers

    5 dager siden

    Ask poor willian 200k a week and he coudnt pull his weight for the fans such a selfish player

  2. Henri M

    Henri M

    7 dager siden

    How did Edu get this job? Anyone knows? Was he hired based on some previous record? Or was he hired ... because he was the friend of a friend ? (Yes, I know he played for Arsenal, so did tons of other dudes).

  3. SuperConnie


    8 dager siden

    Why can't Willian go pass any defenders when he is wearing an Arsenal shirt?. Because he was sad?

  4. Desmond Sagwe

    Desmond Sagwe

    8 dager siden

    Poor Willian. Not 100% comfortable doing his job while getting paid. What a poor lad.

  5. A-A-N 12 STONES ישראל

    A-A-N 12 STONES ישראל

    8 dager siden

    He literally said NOTHING at all.

  6. CJ's tube Jack of all trade

    CJ's tube Jack of all trade

    9 dager siden

    Willian is a top player. It didnt work out for him at Arsenal. It worked well for Giroud.

  7. Milli Hendrix

    Milli Hendrix

    9 dager siden

    Troopztv made him uncomfortable

  8. Wayne Smart

    Wayne Smart

    9 dager siden

    Edu on arteta on k on son mos go now on the board 2 mos go dem no good for the arsenal job all of dem mos go now dem no good

  9. Herbert Chapman AFC

    Herbert Chapman AFC

    9 dager siden

    artega could not even motivate a bib he hands out

  10. Herbert Chapman AFC

    Herbert Chapman AFC

    9 dager siden

    william was finished and we fell for it like mugs

  11. SirPeter6464


    9 dager siden

    Plenty of people earn big bucks and as long as they leave it on the field then people are generally fair. Thus guy didn't want to play for Arsenal and didn't put in a shift. He was an experienced pro who should have been using his experience to help those around him. Clearly didn't want to. A bif of a disgrace to the club and more of a disgrace to himself.

  12. QBG Tv

    QBG Tv

    9 dager siden

    Edu and Arteta wasn’t first team players for Arsenal while they was there let’s be real here.



    10 dager siden

    Arsenal have good players. Results suggest a problem at a more fundamental level. No need to dance around it.

  14. Catherine Nathaniel

    Catherine Nathaniel

    10 dager siden

    nah never wanted Willian from his signing. It should never have happened

  15. bbdavoe


    10 dager siden

    Excuse I never ever said wow You were looking for a creative inspiration when we had one. You got to go you don’t know the Tech Director’s game period

  16. Ayieko Ariel

    Ayieko Ariel

    10 dager siden

    Arsenal management from Edu to Arteta are very theoretical than practical. They leave out the element of man management. This is disaster in itself.

  17. Fahim Ahmmed Naim

    Fahim Ahmmed Naim

    10 dager siden

    Even as a Chelsea fan, I must say you gotta feel for Arsenal. Hope they get out of this mess and gets their deserved 17th place in the league.

  18. Buzios


    10 dager siden

    Edu, a clueless genius.

  19. Grudon 57

    Grudon 57

    10 dager siden

    Edu OUUUUT

  20. Herman Kermit-Warm

    Herman Kermit-Warm

    10 dager siden

    Not comfortable!?!?!?!?! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Didn't he choose to move there for muchos dollars as a free agent? Jesus Christ, the softness at Arsenal literally runs all the way to the top. On the plus side, at least AFCTV are getting closer and closer to having the club they deserve 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  21. Mfundo Nkosi

    Mfundo Nkosi

    10 dager siden

    One of the worst signings and decisions in premier League history.

  22. ObglobalVeVo


    11 dager siden

    He wasn't comfortable I wasn't comfortable 😁 ... experience without motives is nonsense

  23. 바닐라 vanila아이스 ice

    바닐라 vanila아이스 ice

    11 dager siden

    Giving nearly 3year contract with 200k weekly wage to a 32 year old winger is a big gamble. If he worked you deserve the credit but it didnt thats why you're getting the heat edu.

  24. Yunus Rajuli

    Yunus Rajuli

    11 dager siden

    Keep destroying ....go go

  25. Tom Brien

    Tom Brien

    11 dager siden

    Just post the full thing FFS

  26. Andy Dondy

    Andy Dondy

    11 dager siden

    Best football director ever👍👍🙌🙌😇

  27. Craig Waters

    Craig Waters

    11 dager siden


  28. Bill Rose

    Bill Rose

    11 dager siden

    I've GREAT solution. How about you and Arteta take the first plane out with your brown envelopes and let's get some real experienced professionals in

  29. Mauricio Lins

    Mauricio Lins

    11 dager siden

    I am brazilian and I saw Willian playing his first season as professional before playing for european clubs and to be honest even in Chelsea he was not playing what he can plays. He is a very skillfull and experienced player and you can't drop him in a team like Arteta did, he can definitly do more instead to be limited playing as forward and In my view, he was not well received by the others squad stars.

  30. Tom Harrowven

    Tom Harrowven

    11 dager siden

    Arsenal: Trust the process, we find a solution... how is the solution? Trust the process Everyone: 🙃

  31. Thrill Hou

    Thrill Hou

    11 dager siden

    Respect to agent Willian. 😉

  32. Sam


    11 dager siden

    This guy has the face of a man that's about to get fired

  33. Michael Tobias

    Michael Tobias

    11 dager siden

    😂😂 Arsenal consists of clowns from the management to players. I'm sure this man has close relationship with agents of both Luiz and Willian who were looking for decent contracts and he was looking to get in good signings for cheap so it looked like a win situation for both parties

  34. Robert Johns James

    Robert Johns James

    11 dager siden

    if you talking about a team for the future and had been talking about it for the past 10 years... then there is somting wrong..

  35. jondoe1980


    11 dager siden

    I call bulls**t! You can never expect to compete at the highest level by taking onboard your competitors' rejects. Willian may have brought experience to our club but so would Henry despite the fact that he is well past his best. And I can guarantee you Henry would put in more consistent shifts than Willian did. Willian actually played in the pre-season friendly against Rangers, so clearly he was still in Arteta's plans even though Stevie Wonder could see he was dead weight the season just gone. So at what point exactly did Willian tell you and Arteta that he felt uncomfortable? Because if I was liking tweets by my former club after they beat my current club, I wouldn't feel 100% comfortable either ffs. But what's actually funny is somehow Willian still came out of this with his head held high because HE took a pay cut to leave US. Edu, like Arteta, you're out of your depth, and I'm just waiting for you to sell Saka to one of our rivals and call it good business.

  36. Naveen Prakash

    Naveen Prakash

    11 dager siden

    How was the solution ? We found the solution. This interview must have been before he terminated his contract.

  37. Yinka Martins

    Yinka Martins

    11 dager siden

    Sky taking over from Arsenal Fan Tv

  38. Jason Chui

    Jason Chui

    11 dager siden

    The clumsy lilac encouragingly push because attack historically glow regarding a picayune columnist. well-made, grotesque chef

  39. Netinho Garcia

    Netinho Garcia

    11 dager siden

    Amazon All or Nothing Going to be a Banger!

  40. Nas Dean

    Nas Dean

    11 dager siden

    You do not know how to manage football

  41. Jon Banham

    Jon Banham

    11 dager siden

    How was the solution, we found a solution haha. Listening to that made me to boss eyed

  42. Jon Banham

    Jon Banham

    11 dager siden

    He explained what exactly hahaha.

  43. kash mir

    kash mir

    11 dager siden

    Keeping people like Edu and Arteta at Arsenal will carry on destroying the club. Deserve it really as you give people jobs on Zero merit

  44. Krook


    11 dager siden

    I was 100% uncomfortable seeing Willian play in an Arsenal shirt.

  45. Toby G

    Toby G

    11 dager siden

    How can you have such a high paying job if your English is not better than that.

  46. G R

    G R

    11 dager siden

    Hands out of the till,,,, that's what is happening

  47. OLewis


    11 dager siden

    2 minute clip? Thought this was sky not DJ Vlad

  48. Apollo Dio

    Apollo Dio

    11 dager siden

    It’s crazy how he went to the game against Fulham like they are not playing in championship now…

  49. Jerry Aboo

    Jerry Aboo

    11 dager siden

    I don't understand why Edu is working at Arsenal and Henry, Vieira, Pires etc aren't working at Arsenal. These are the Arsenal legends. Edu is a mess

  50. santosh1502


    11 dager siden

    Did you ask why he is not comfortable?????? Did you buy to probe the reasons? coz you play outrageous marking and you don't know the definition of consistency. Who would want to come and play here?????

  51. MeditationMantra


    11 dager siden

    He clearly knows football…good to see

  52. Steve Kong

    Steve Kong

    11 dager siden

    I’m a ManU fan and in Edu we trust!

  53. uiry silva

    uiry silva

    11 dager siden

    Edu is giving too much excuse look at this face explains everything



    11 dager siden

    omg their club is so badly run. if they thought "wow" after the fulham game hahahahahaha they're doomed.

  55. 762 mm

    762 mm

    11 dager siden

    Willian wasn't a bad signing at the time, just didn't work out, it happens. There's been much worse signings such as Luiz when they needed an old school no nonsense defender they opted for a ball playing centre back in the same mould as Mustafi et al which has been their achilles heel yet they reverted to type. Foolish is he who makes the same decision and hopes for a different outcome i.e their flawed transfer policy with centre backs

  56. Jade van der Merwe

    Jade van der Merwe

    11 dager siden

    Upload the whole interview and have an additional sky sports football clips channel for this. NOnet 101. You will have more videos, more views and you won't annoy every person on this planet

  57. Tokyo Joe

    Tokyo Joe

    11 dager siden

    Edu deserted arsenal when they needed him, should’ve brought Dennis back instead

  58. Lincoy Ellis

    Lincoy Ellis

    11 dager siden

    Was he an arsenal player? When did u ask willian why isn't he comfortable? Smh mad man

  59. Daniel Ade

    Daniel Ade

    11 dager siden

    why does his exit need an explanation, we are just a bad football club, that needs new management and board.



    11 dager siden

    Where is willian now?

  61. Launjah LJ Kingamusic

    Launjah LJ Kingamusic

    11 dager siden

    Willian a true blue was a matter of time just like David Luiz

  62. Aaron T

    Aaron T

    12 dager siden

    match made in hell

  63. CrazyTactics / Dave

    CrazyTactics / Dave

    12 dager siden

    GG Edu. In you I trust.

  64. Mirza Md Ragib

    Mirza Md Ragib

    12 dager siden

    Why are these all separated into parts? If I'm gonna waste my time laughing at Arsenal I might as well do it once in my life rather than for 2 minutes everyday.

  65. Sam Fisher

    Sam Fisher

    12 dager siden

    Us fans shouldn't take this, action needs to happen against the club they're lowering our standards

  66. Moses1 S

    Moses1 S

    12 dager siden

    This journalist is biased and was judging the man too much. That’s not his job but common British media. Let the man do his job

  67. kostar500


    12 dager siden

    He has no real insight… just surface level football knowledge… more philosophies… no practical usage

  68. Akkar_Unbekannt


    12 dager siden

    I remember that all Arsenal fans were thrilled with willian signing and this includes all the channels in NOnet. Then they flip real quick and started to call him names. Arsenal fans are the worst fans. They feel entitled and have no loyalty to anyone. Can’t wait when they play in the championship.

  69. Jjuuko Aula prince

    Jjuuko Aula prince

    12 dager siden

    Come on Edu, we all know we needed Bisouma & Aouar wat da hel have you signed for us ..

  70. Silvester Akola

    Silvester Akola

    12 dager siden

    Hey mr consistent what consistency are you talking about?Matter of fact what are you talking about all???!!

  71. citystar2318


    12 dager siden

    Not sure if Edu is making any fans with this infinite Sky interview



    12 dager siden

    Chelsea fans were excited for him to leave... that shld have your hint Edu 😭🤣💀

  73. Delamere bear

    Delamere bear

    12 dager siden

    Why not just release the full interview unedited

  74. K M

    K M

    12 dager siden

    Feel sorry for Arsenal fans and their lack of quality. And I'm a Hibs fan.

  75. Micah HA

    Micah HA

    12 dager siden

    I’m not even here to just be negative but as an Arsenal fan I can assure you most people who can articulate themselves and that have a decent knowledge of the modern game can do a better job of technical director than edu. Look at the deals, look at our results and then just listen to what he’s saying he doesn’t even believe himself

  76. Not Real

    Not Real

    12 dager siden

    Willian is a premier league legend 💙💙💙

  77. Talli Ban

    Talli Ban

    12 dager siden

    Willian should never have been at arsenal in da first place worst signing in arsenal history edu shouldn't be at this club or arteta

  78. ignacio martinez

    ignacio martinez

    12 dager siden

    Caralho edu, você é realmente péssimo KKKKKK

  79. Eddy Sylverstin

    Eddy Sylverstin

    12 dager siden

    Willian's blood is blue 😂😂

  80. Soso Lawson

    Soso Lawson

    12 dager siden

    Edu is a very good politician, man has a silver tongue

  81. Ben Jamin

    Ben Jamin

    12 dager siden

    Willian is smart to leave. He knows when a club is down bad.

  82. Hamit Deniz

    Hamit Deniz

    12 dager siden

    So... what was the solution??? 🤷‍♂️

  83. AC Mills

    AC Mills

    12 dager siden

    He was a shocking signing, great player at Chelsea but was past his prime and his numbers didn't warrant £250,000 a week. Happy for Arsenal fans that they managed to get rid.

  84. DB3k


    12 dager siden

    Absolute jokeman edu

  85. littlediablo


    12 dager siden

    i like Edu

  86. Fahim Hussain

    Fahim Hussain

    12 dager siden

    If Arteta goes it means they all have to go. That's why they are protecting Arteta at all costs.

  87. Fahim Hussain

    Fahim Hussain

    12 dager siden

    Get this fraud out!



    12 dager siden

    Translation we paid him under the table to get rid of the terrible contract we gave him a year ago. We don’t know what we doing

  89. JAYW0151


    12 dager siden

    Willian what are you doing. Why would you terminate your contract. We wanted to laugh at arsenal some more you’ve done them a favour now. Cheers ye big fluffy microphone head

  90. High on Film

    High on Film

    12 dager siden

    This guy still has a job?

  91. Lou Lenehan

    Lou Lenehan

    12 dager siden

    In short; Yes, Willain was a mistake.

  92. Omer Imtiaz

    Omer Imtiaz

    12 dager siden

    What’s happened to Arsenal is just really sad and a little sick.

  93. Voice of Reasoning Elliott

    Voice of Reasoning Elliott

    12 dager siden

    So sorry he had to finish his time in the EPL at dunners

  94. Flavio Henrique

    Flavio Henrique

    12 dager siden

    o Willian ta mais que certo, o Curinthia é o Curinthia, e o Arsenal é timinho, vai Corinthians

  95. Itchy Ballsack

    Itchy Ballsack

    12 dager siden

    Edu is a joke and needs to be sacked. Absolutely clueless and has done terrible business with nearly 150 mil...

  96. LS


    12 dager siden

    Should never have went there in the first place 🤭😂

  97. Sal


    12 dager siden

    Edu deserves a statue at the emirates

  98. The Realist

    The Realist

    12 dager siden

    This guy took a 75% paycut, had the option of staying on the bench and earning 20 million, but would rather leave because he doesn't want to play for the club. Utterly embarrassing for Arsenal.

  99. Syncopaint_minis


    12 dager siden

    We weren’t comfortable watching him on the pitch.

  100. mohamed koroma

    mohamed koroma

    12 dager siden

    Things will getting better....