Gary Neville on Cristiano Ronaldo's return, Mo Salah joining the 100 club & Liverpool's 3-0 win

Gary Neville joins Martin Tyler to discuss Liverpool's 3-0 win over Leeds, Mo Salah joining the Premier League 100 club & Cristiano Ronaldo's return for Manchester United.

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  1. Transfer news Wayne Rooney

    Transfer news Wayne Rooney

    19 timer siden

    Gary Neville legend

  2. Tom H

    Tom H

    2 dager siden

    The reason manchester was so alive that day was because everyone was about to go to Parklife festival

  3. Brian Weir

    Brian Weir

    3 dager siden

    love neville and carragher

  4. Mo Mo

    Mo Mo

    3 dager siden

    Can Thiago be they calming guy without Elliot next him.

  5. Relaxation Realm

    Relaxation Realm

    3 dager siden

    Neville thought paul scholes played for Liverpool. How could he not remember scholes playing for utd he was one of the best??

  6. Riley95


    3 dager siden

    Sounds belting that arsen wengers world cup format

  7. CoryJT


    3 dager siden

    Looking forward to more of these episodes!

  8. CoryJT


    3 dager siden

    Top bloke

  9. Ethan Hunt

    Ethan Hunt

    3 dager siden

    United is, like, a new car now.

  10. Brittany Moore

    Brittany Moore

    3 dager siden

    The pushy garden previously pat because bike cumulatively include towards a curious responsibility. rabid, craven expansion

  11. kevin millington

    kevin millington

    3 dager siden

    Time stamps pls👍🏻

  12. Connor Axon

    Connor Axon

    3 dager siden

    If any other team was getting slapped every other week they would get the sack, they make out bielsa is an absolute genius but he has no plan B at all

  13. TheBillABCTV


    3 dager siden

    sky Sport football in the UEFA Champions League yes keep the same number of Clubs, don't have group stage, have it as knockout 2 legs knockout each Round.

  14. Mohammed Faisal

    Mohammed Faisal

    3 dager siden

    I would rather have all world cup and euros qualifiers played in the beginning of June till the beginning or second week of July. That's about 5-6 weeks to play about 10 games and then have a couple of weeks off and have a two to three game pre season friendly wherever from the end of July to the beginning of August and then they're in line to play in their league. Either that or I'd have three weeks in June for world cup qualifiers and some time during the winter break. Or instead of during the winter break, pick one of the fourth months where there's an international break during the season. September October November or March. Whatever happens, a world cup every 2 years isn't the right way to go. It'll have to continue being a every 4 years otherwise it won't be half as special anymore and winning it won't feel the same either. Keep it every 4 years just change the qualifiers dates for every country to June

  15. Fat Ronaldo

    Fat Ronaldo

    3 dager siden

    From a Man UTD fan, I really do hope the Liverpool kid is ok and recovers quickly. All the best to him.

  16. Mark Bibby

    Mark Bibby

    3 dager siden

    While I like what Gary's saying, his argument that you dont need as big a squad because the team isn't playing in europe has an ominous flipside that teams can't break into and remain playing in europe on a consistent basis (without yoyoing out of the top 6-7) because they dont have the squad rotation to remain, so they either fully ignore and sacrifice europe (which defeats the purpose of getting in) or they 'choose' to sufffer and fail due to not having a deep enough squad in which case they don't make it into europe the following year. Fundamentally unless there is a more pressure to ensure a consistency of squad size across clubs which won't happen without either a wage cap or a restriction on squad size for 'larger' clubs saying a team can't have more than 20-22 players in a first team squad across all competitions that is locked in, then there wont' be the ability to force the likes of united or even tottenham out of always 'deserving' through dint of squad size to be in europe.

    • Mark Bibby

      Mark Bibby

      3 dager siden

      now argue in the comments ;P

  17. Ade Naas

    Ade Naas

    3 dager siden

    Gary Neville has reached the pinnacle of football punditry names like Hansen, Laurenson, Hill come to mind but hes surpassing those OG's with his in-depth psychoanalysis of this beautiful game top guy 👏⚽🏆

  18. Sajeel


    3 dager siden

    I love these podcasts while I’m going about my day. Warms my heart.

  19. Lee Davies

    Lee Davies

    3 dager siden

    Don't you just love it when you squeeze the Orange 🍊 out of the juice 😂. On a serious note, was a good listen 👂

  20. hegz neptune

    hegz neptune

    3 dager siden

    I like the idea of a one month qualification period.

  21. hegz neptune

    hegz neptune

    3 dager siden

    Very measured analysis 👏👏👏

  22. David Bourton

    David Bourton

    3 dager siden

    A big fan of Gary as a pundit but his calling for the heads of and now completely ignoring the issue of the Glazers is everything that has ever been suggested about United fans and their owners. They're irate and morally enraged by the owners when they're not doing well. Then when things go well it's all sunshine and flowers and it doesn't even get a mention.

  23. Keshav Fago chongbang Limbu

    Keshav Fago chongbang Limbu

    3 dager siden


  24. devon walton

    devon walton

    3 dager siden

    9:30 - CR7 return

  25. Nexus Fantismo

    Nexus Fantismo

    3 dager siden

    Shout out to the legend Neville Neville

  26. M S-H

    M S-H

    3 dager siden

    How many of you just changed your mind on the WCQ proposal because Gary said he likes it?

  27. Jim Jimson

    Jim Jimson

    3 dager siden

    4 ads on a 20 min vid sort it out sky

  28. L_J_C _

    L_J_C _

    3 dager siden

    Is it from Elland Road?

  29. Michael


    3 dager siden

    why do these mics need to be so close to the speaker's mouth?

  30. Shop Account

    Shop Account

    3 dager siden

    Pogba deserved a red card for that Elliot tackle not struik ~ Graeme souness q

  31. Huss S

    Huss S

    3 dager siden

    It is a money grab & nothing more. FIFA jealous of how much more Uefa makes than them.

  32. Mohammed Rida

    Mohammed Rida

    3 dager siden


  33. Jamal Q

    Jamal Q

    3 dager siden

    9:27 thank me later

  34. shane🇮🇪


    3 dager siden

    Gary said last week liverpool no chance winning the league well well what you think now ratboy😂😂

  35. verygoodbrother


    3 dager siden

    the difference between the world cup proposal and super league for me was one was done behind close doors and deliberately hidden whilst the former is a proposal. People, as demonstrated in the above vid, can provide their opinions on the proposal and ultimately reject it or take parts of it to implement. Much better way of doing things.

  36. BOOM


    3 dager siden

    G. Neville is so articulate.

  37. AR


    3 dager siden

    Leeds also play like Liverpool except Liverpool have world class players in every area of the park while Leeds have average players at best. Nothing wrong but they don’t have the same budget yet. It looked like senior high schoolers playing against the varsity.

  38. Ash hcthrash85

    Ash hcthrash85

    3 dager siden

    Neville the only manager worse than ole

  39. Ali Mukhtar

    Ali Mukhtar

    3 dager siden

    Awesome Podcast.

  40. Drown Em

    Drown Em

    3 dager siden

    Concentrating all of the qualification games into one period cuts out opportunity for some injured players to get involved or players who find form in different parts of a season.

  41. J A

    J A

    3 dager siden

    Could listen to Gary Nevillle for hours 👌

  42. Mark Mason

    Mark Mason

    3 dager siden

    Is Gary Neville slowly turning into Alan smith?

  43. Mohammed Kadva

    Mohammed Kadva

    3 dager siden

    Ironic that I got a Avanti west coast Ad on a Gary Neville video

  44. Jon Morgan

    Jon Morgan

    3 dager siden

    He is unbiased and the best pundit in football in my opinion. Fair play Gary

  45. Stuart Wiewiora

    Stuart Wiewiora

    3 dager siden

    This is like football’s “Ted’s Notebook”

  46. Jason Manning

    Jason Manning

    3 dager siden

    I could listen to Gary neville all day top pundit who has gained my respect keep up the great work

  47. Artjom Šatalin

    Artjom Šatalin

    3 dager siden

    WC every 2 years is the most retarded idea ever, how much profit you wanna make? There is a reason Olympics are also every 4 years. All this changes that FIFA and UEFA proposes every year are ONLY for profit, nothing else!

  48. Colm Cronin

    Colm Cronin

    3 dager siden


  49. Andrew Mitchell

    Andrew Mitchell

    3 dager siden

    Respect ✊ to all of the LEEDS UNITED FANS for applauding the young lad ! 🙏🏻 hope he will be alright and go onto great things 👏🏻 Marching On Together !

  50. David clifford

    David clifford

    3 dager siden

    Did he really say origi and ox can replace bobby salah and mane?

  51. Sean Charlie84

    Sean Charlie84

    3 dager siden

    I don't like the stop start element of the season because of the international breaks. Just have the qualifiers in one block

  52. RasKiddo


    3 dager siden

    Ronaldo bit @10:00

  53. T


    3 dager siden

    How much longer do Leeds have before they start getting mentioned as serious relegation candidates.

  54. Aamir


    3 dager siden

    Sky, do you need more revenue through ads?? Every 3 mins ? You can do better and let us watch peacefully thanks 🙏

  55. Ed Ball

    Ed Ball

    3 dager siden

    lol how did he watch it later on?

  56. Ed Ball

    Ed Ball

    3 dager siden

    needs timestamps dont care about leeds or liverpool

  57. Kir Rah

    Kir Rah

    3 dager siden

    How could you go watch Salford rather than the return of Cristiano Ronaldo😊

  58. Phillip Emery

    Phillip Emery

    3 dager siden

    19:35 Gary has a point here. The non-European squads get plenty of breaks, and fewer of their players get called up for internationals as well. They don't have any more player-games now than they did 30 years ago -- less in fact! This is an issue that really only affects the top-tier clubs. And where the top-tier clubs are concerned, they should be rotating and "load managing" players a lot better. If you're a Big Six team fielding the same five or six players every match, that's just bad rotation policy. They're shooting themselves in the foot doing that.

  59. Ryan Spangler

    Ryan Spangler

    3 dager siden

    Imagine gifted a million at least a year pound job after being an athlete. Easy streets

  60. Ryan Spangler

    Ryan Spangler

    4 dager siden

    Liverpool got the league for sure

  61. Amad babcia

    Amad babcia

    4 dager siden

    Nice one

  62. Daniel Owen

    Daniel Owen

    4 dager siden

    Why so many adverts?!

  63. Clipped


    4 dager siden

    Seeing Ronaldo doing the Suiiiiiiiii at Old Trafford made me shed a tear 🥲 Stuff of Dreams still cannot Believe Ronaldo is back. Im a neutral but hoping for the best football arc in HISTORY he wins Utd a Premier League or UCL 🙏

  64. jezza T

    jezza T

    4 dager siden

    check garys bank balance, fifa have paid him off

  65. John Gottuso

    John Gottuso

    4 dager siden

    The unequaled melody rationally advise because insect connolly smash of a loutish kohlrabi. defeated, utopian song

  66. Ian McGurrell

    Ian McGurrell

    4 dager siden

    Regardless of the World Cup(Euros too) being every two or four years the ideal way to do qualifiers would be during June/July like the tournaments themselves are... IE: Season ends in May,Players get a month off,Return for a month of international duty,Then back to their clubs for an uninterrupted season.

  67. Connor R

    Connor R

    4 dager siden

    I think Leeds will be just fine, coming from a Liverpool fan. They'll end up 10th - 13th i reckon. Thier home ground will win them a lot of games.

    • deancj1


      4 dager siden

      How benevolent of you.

  68. Tim Brown

    Tim Brown

    4 dager siden

    I'm not a Tottenham fan but Kane's nearly in the '200 club' - and he's in a worse team with worse service lol... there are levels - less of this '100 club' talk, Salah is still on career rookie numbers and he's nearly 30 years old...

  69. Gadabout United

    Gadabout United

    4 dager siden

    Really great podcast.

  70. Gadabout United

    Gadabout United

    4 dager siden

    Sepp Blatter came up with World Cup's every 2 years, almost 20 years ago...and it was rejected out of hand. I hope that this one is too. Every 2 years makes it less special.

  71. Kal Olfer

    Kal Olfer

    4 dager siden

    How can Gary call Salah "more single minded than Mane"?!? Was Martin the devil on Neville's shoulder giving him nonsense ramble on about? Salah produces incredible passes all the time and gets assists. Mane never even tries to pass the ball

  72. pedro regalado

    pedro regalado

    4 dager siden

    The messenger of the football gods Neville doesn’t disapprove of this one so let’s just all give it a chance. We do whatever the best defender in the history of the EPL wants us to do

  73. livvi67


    4 dager siden

    Struggle to call the league at this stage: four v strong teams already leading the pack. Liverpool might lack the depth of others, but they have arguably the strongest first 11 when all fit. Keeping players fit will be vital.

    • Vk Deen

      Vk Deen

      2 dager siden

      @knight rider he's not good enough either. should of gotten naglesmann. probably ten haag the best avaliable not already in a massive job now. we saw again tonight such inept management 🤦🏽

    • knight rider

      knight rider

      2 dager siden

      @Vk Deen Very true maybe Zizou to United would be good. Zizou is an attacking Manager, maybe he would be able to use Pogba and all these guys well

    • Vk Deen

      Vk Deen

      3 dager siden

      @livvi67 oh yea that gives us an x factor and I have no doubt the best attack in terms of quality, options and depth.... BUT we have have giant hole at cdm, no track record of winning and as much as I love ole there's nothing he's done as a manager that puts him in klopp pep tuchel category... its just the truth. Chelsea and city are just safer bets. Liverpool are proven but look a tad short in depth. utd are unpredictable a cannon mounted on straw... could destroy everything could topple over

    • livvi67


      3 dager siden

      @Vk Deen United have one of the top two players in the world though, that counts for something

    • Vk Deen

      Vk Deen

      3 dager siden

      Liverpool have the most balanced and drilled 11 with a quality manager but lack depth chelsea no weaknesses in the squad at all and a top manager city unbelievable squad proven manager maybe need an st (but score many so not really needed desperately) utd frightening atk, unproven manager, hole at cdm, unbalanced squad

  74. Daniel


    4 dager siden

    leeds deserve to get top 10 this season so lets hope they pick it up

  75. Andrew Storm

    Andrew Storm

    4 dager siden

    Imagine if Man Utd has signed Messi as well

  76. Crooner


    4 dager siden

    Why are Liverpool at their fastest when they look their sickest??. Side effects of whatever???. The red card should be rescinded btw.

  77. Lupunga Shula

    Lupunga Shula

    4 dager siden

    Gary Neville knows his stuff.

  78. Cian Shanahan

    Cian Shanahan

    4 dager siden

    Why is nobody talking about having a compromise of hosting a World Cup every 3 years ?

  79. Ritchie Beckett

    Ritchie Beckett

    4 dager siden

    Why not have a 2nd competition for those who don't qualify for the main World Cup? Same format and you could have it running at the same time. Then you could have a super cup as well for both winners. Some teams never qualify for the world cup, so would give them a chance to play tournament football. BUT YOU DONT HAVE THE WORLD CUP EVERY TWO YEARS

  80. Tommy Turner

    Tommy Turner

    4 dager siden

    Can we not see someone else on the telly apart from all the Nevilles? What is going on? They are everywhere!

  81. Phil Adams

    Phil Adams

    4 dager siden

    Oh my thought, keep the World Cup 4 years or it will loose its shine like Test matches being played too often, Keep it special and limited, we have the Euro,s in between that's more than good enough...

  82. N3LGG


    4 dager siden

    Orrrrrr change the qualification to 4 weeks as discussed and leave the World Cup every 4 years!

  83. jook2jook


    4 dager siden

    Your pyramid is broken with your examples, Garry. So the top six teams have big enough squads to compete and the other clubs play once a week so don't need to rest players yet when Burnley got into Europe they didn't have a big enough squad to compete on two fronts, so what were they supposed to do? So if you're not a big six club you get into Europe your expected to buy 11 top-quality squad players to compete on both fronts? Ignoring FFP and financial stability and steady growth? Not all clubs have sugar daddies or state funding. Most clubs need to scale with stability and planning, unlike certain owners who are able to throw money (circumnavigate FFP even) to scale up. The wealth and money in football can be degusting at times and the solution should be football, not money. It's nice to hear managers like Bielsa from a not supposed big six clubs talk about the players and performance for a change so it's not left to the big six managers to grumble alone.

  84. Phil Adams

    Phil Adams

    4 dager siden

    I can never get my head around any player complaining about amount of games in a season since the 1970.s until the present time, let me qualify I spent 11 years in the army, was an army boxer, Long distance runner besides doing my daily army "job" career, From about the age of 13/14 until about 35 injuries fitness genetics permitting, you can do endless amounts of exercise in my experience, god I was like a "sheep dog" feed me well give me good sleep at night or when I could take it and I was almost always ready for the next challenge. In the infantry we spent nearly every day running, working in the gym and generally pushing to the max and if you were on some exercise or deployment you never stopped working and might I add often time we never stopped for anything other than serious injury, I remember doing a competitive 10 mile route march on a twisted ankle running for miles with blisters and going on a deployment with a broken collar bone. So please stop wining about workload when every day military guys all over are giving their max almost 24/7 I just don't accept that! oh and when I served my wages for a week were £50...... what is the most poorly paid premiership player on?! Id like to see them ern it! Love the start of the season too great to see full grounds and hear the "tribes" back...fantastic, Dad was a Leeds fan back in the day, been to Ellen Road numerous times, followed Liverpool since Clemence and Keegan as there are/were local lads!!

  85. HA Gamer

    HA Gamer

    4 dager siden

    Hope they don't do world cup every 2 years Look at Copa cup it happens 6 times in the last 6 years nothing special that should definitely not count to ballon for because it happens to much no hate to messi

  86. TheSludgeMan


    4 dager siden

    Sky are insane to not make this a properly produced podcast and market it properly. didn't even know it was a thing until now

  87. Suck Your mum

    Suck Your mum

    4 dager siden

    I enjoy this podcast a lot. Would be nice to hear a bit more about the games surrounding lower sides though. No mention of palaces heroics.

  88. seahorserider


    4 dager siden

    Dislike because of 4!!!! Commercial breaks!!! @skysports get a grip and stop that!

  89. Pete M

    Pete M

    4 dager siden

    Always good to listen to..... but I don’t agree with his opinions on the WC being reformatted as a once in 2 year tournament.....

  90. William lillicrapp

    William lillicrapp

    4 dager siden

    Anyone else clock it took Martin Tyler 1 min 93 seconds before he mentioned Ronaldo and 2:39 before mentioned man United result against Leeds when on commentary for the Liverpool game 😂🤣

  91. Urban Cyclist.ss16

    Urban Cyclist.ss16

    4 dager siden

    As a massive liverpool fan I can say whole heartedly that G nev is a legend and I love this podcast!!!

  92. C Y Lok

    C Y Lok

    4 dager siden

    GN is a far better pundit than he was a manager. however a world cup every 2 years is a ridiculous money grabbing plan! this will simply cheapen the most prestigious sporting event in the world.

  93. Rizwaan


    4 dager siden

    United fan here, and Lol

  94. arch stanton

    arch stanton

    4 dager siden

    Thanks for Gary making sense out of that Wenger's World Cup plan. My initial knee jerk reaction was that it is complete nonsense. Still, I prefer more the every 4 year World Cup schedule. But at the same time, I don't like these constant breaks and I think there are too many games to be played and something needs to be done.

  95. Jo Co

    Jo Co

    4 dager siden

    9:28 RONALDO

  96. Y A

    Y A

    4 dager siden

    I love how he always tries to take pressure off utd. If utd don't atleast come within 2 or 3 points of winning the title, then that for me is a failure.

  97. Jimmy D

    Jimmy D

    4 dager siden

    Ronaldo undisputed king of the stuck in the mud division, he’s too old.

  98. Russ MET

    Russ MET

    4 dager siden

    Too many ads. I don’t mind them but reduce them

  99. L33


    4 dager siden

    Respect to Gary watching his team at the weekend shows me he is a good owner

  100. James 007

    James 007

    4 dager siden

    Gary is talking down CR, he is much much more than a cherry on top of a cake, he is the sole reason the world is watching MU again; with or without him means huge difference to a team, CR will make MU great again.

    • Y A

      Y A

      4 dager siden

      He playing it down to take the pressure off. He does the opposite when it comes to liverpool.

    • Sherif Nabil

      Sherif Nabil

      4 dager siden

      He’s got 330 million Instagram followers. That’s like the entire US population.