EXPLAINED! The reasons why Brazil's match with Argentina was abandoned!

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South American football expert Tim Vickery gives us the latest on why Argentina's clash with Brazil was abandonned.

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  1. Pizonio


    Dag siden

    Me Invocou?

  2. leonardo 2020 pds

    leonardo 2020 pds

    7 dager siden

    Argentina was scare

  3. Karuhanga Samson

    Karuhanga Samson

    8 dager siden

    The fact that people at the airport of Brazil don't follow up or know those four premier league players 🤗I thought everyone follows it 😁😁

  4. Nep Vape

    Nep Vape

    8 dager siden

    Biased , hold on a sec , We don’t know Brazil is cleaner than Argentina , take a good look and punish the culprit .

  5. Issa Makhoul

    Issa Makhoul

    8 dager siden

    Tim Vickery is a top-class expert, too bad he doesn't get enough coverage. Will also be a superb scout too.. very elegant.

  6. Emmanuel Abuchi

    Emmanuel Abuchi

    8 dager siden

    The same idiots came now to block Brazilian players from playing this weekend

  7. adnan naemaz

    adnan naemaz

    9 dager siden

    Too much football. Don’t get me wrong I love the game but this is ridiculous. They need to reduce the games and stop these unnecessary tournaments.

  8. villamartin


    9 dager siden

    Time for football, FIFA and all the countries Associations to learn they are not above the law.

  9. LunderShot


    9 dager siden

    Not like there covid tested about 5 times a day here in the UK , only reason we have bazil on the red list at the moment is because about 5% of its population is vaccinated compared to about 88% here

  10. Rucy Lamone {cibzinjune}

    Rucy Lamone {cibzinjune}

    9 dager siden

    This means that Fred can’t play for us this weekend! Yay! 😁

  11. Eden Basnet

    Eden Basnet

    9 dager siden

    so is ronaldos debut on british tv😂

  12. Camagu Livumile

    Camagu Livumile

    9 dager siden

    Brazil knew what they were doing 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

  13. Marcelo Costa

    Marcelo Costa

    9 dager siden

    Argentine players always had the advantage, after all, they won two world cups like that. remember the 6x0 over Peru in 1978 and the famous "hand of god" in 86? The Argentine delegation was notified days in advance, but they ignored it, as they once again wanted to take advantage.

  14. Totty ferreira

    Totty ferreira

    9 dager siden

    by the end it was a legal problem made by those national soccer organizations, who ignored the local law and negotiated behind sanitary health authorities knowledgement. If Argentinian organization told the truth since the beggining, the government could allow the players to stay on Brazil (even though Brazil is living a political and social clash atm)

  15. mark pass

    mark pass

    9 dager siden

    Bolsonaro’s Brazil…😂🤣😂….if it wasn’t so pitifully tragic

  16. Juan Carlos

    Juan Carlos

    9 dager siden

    The problem: the Ego of Brasil.

  17. Blackman Da Traveller

    Blackman Da Traveller

    9 dager siden

    God bless Brazil

  18. Carlos Urquiola

    Carlos Urquiola

    9 dager siden

    Tim alluded to it slightly -- but the truth is that Brazil and by extension the Brazilian Government did want this game to be played because the Brazil team lacked their Premier League players while Argentina had their PL players, three of which are starters. This can be viewed as a competitive advantage over the home team (Brazil). Having lost the Copa Final at home, there is no way Brazil wanted to lose another game at home and much less because it was undermanned and even much less under the Bolsonaro regime, which has their hands in everything. In other words, it would be naive to ignore the fact that result of the recent Copa Final also played a role in the farce that unfolded. South America football at its finest.

  19. 19messi33


    9 dager siden

    Dude is spreading miss information, why would Aston Villa and Tottenham let these players go?? Because they struck a deal with the Argentine bond, with rules in place when they had to go back to the UK. on the other hand the Brazillian federation did not come to an arrangement that's why all these players were absent. Then they didn't tell these players that they weren't allowed to enter Brasil, and Argentina had rules and agreement from Comnebol and the football federation of Brasil to let these players play if needed. But the health authorities weren't having any of it. So they new about this and waited until kick off, just to get some attention. Argentina was not in the wrong at all. so it would be stupid and criminal to give this victory away to Brasil. It's a country problem that has nothing to do with Argentina, it has to do with communication between different apartments inside Brasil.

  20. Racheal Yahya

    Racheal Yahya

    9 dager siden

    Putting covid-19 protocol a joke in any situation/event can put you in RED list.

  21. Jamie Garson

    Jamie Garson

    9 dager siden

    this guy looks like jamie carragher

  22. Carmen Lucia D correa

    Carmen Lucia D correa

    9 dager siden

    Well done Brazil.The Argentina Communist, just to want to play a dirty game with the Brazilian govern.

  23. mediacenter man

    mediacenter man

    9 dager siden

    Argentina arrive in Brazil. Argentina provide squad list to officials. Google tells them everything about each player Four players are not allowed entry into Brazil Argentina comply or forefeit the game. Too simple to have worked?

  24. paranoidandroid447


    10 dager siden

    hahhaaha the world is broken. what on earth is going on. it's 2021 but we're behaving like it's 1021.

  25. Fusion Super

    Fusion Super

    10 dager siden

    The health authorities should have been banned from the stadium completely. They decided to make it all about them and not about two countries playing an important international football match for qualification reasons.

  26. joseph boyat

    joseph boyat

    10 dager siden

    At some point, the people who want to preserve sport are going to have to end this irrational madness.

  27. The 10thLegion

    The 10thLegion

    10 dager siden

    Thank you china for messing up everything we love

  28. Harlock2day


    10 dager siden

    If anything it would be awarded to Argentina ! Brazil stopped the game. 😂😂😂

  29. Shug !

    Shug !

    10 dager siden

    There is some abstract implication that the Argentinian players "lied" about having been in England. Bud....these players play in the EPL! It's not exactly an underworld, little-known league! It's as high profile as it gets! How can you not know they play for Tottenham and Aston Villa?!?!? It's on INTERNATIONAL TV! Perhaps you don't watch football....that's is about the ONLY way you are THAT clueless. BOTH teams (management included) know who plays what and where they play. This was not a surprise last minute signing of the Argentinian players to British teams! Duuhh..... The Brazilian government chose to allow the Copa America to take place (which they hoped to win, but when they didn't...). So, they decided THIS TIME, that these players "lied". What...?? Did the Brazilian government/health organization FORGET these guys played (July 10) in Brazil?!?!?!? In-other-words, they arranged the details for the Copa America but decided THIS time, to nail these 4 players (which played in the Copa in July!). What a joke. It's all on Brazil and I don't mean the players or fans. How EMARRASSING!! If it was a "health concern", why did they not request a pre-game test? We all know why. ;)

  30. BladeChild


    10 dager siden

    All this just because Brazil is playing tit for tat with the "red list" situation. Makes absolutely no sense for France not to be on the list, and Neymar and Messi being able to be there.

  31. Rizky Gumilar

    Rizky Gumilar

    10 dager siden

    The world is ending for sure

  32. Walid Mahmud

    Walid Mahmud

    10 dager siden

    Its simple🤗 Pele didnt wanted Messi to broke his record

    • Marco


      9 dager siden

      Pelé has 3 world cups

  33. Nathaniel Andrews

    Nathaniel Andrews

    10 dager siden

    The plandemic never ends slave passport for matches around the corner.

  34. adrahc


    10 dager siden

    Argies went to cheat at everything

  35. Tana •

    Tana •

    10 dager siden

    Why people are blaming Argentina for "not following the local rules"??? they are under conmebol and fifa, if they told the team they could play then they will believe them, thats a normal thing to do lol the problem is that in south america no one knows how to do their freaking job and they couldn't get into an agreement. The players where there for 3 days

  36. Angeles Torres

    Angeles Torres

    10 dager siden

    Here is all you need to know about that part of the footballing world: It's a confederation (CONMEBOL) of only 10 nations (not even the entirity of that continent), of which up to HALF can book their place in a world cup, comprised of 2 powerhouses who basically run things while the other 8 fight for scraps in one gigantic incestious sham 💩show topped off with a heavy dose of corruption latinamerica-style.

  37. Michael J. Noctor

    Michael J. Noctor

    10 dager siden

    Extrapolates football? Eh, that doesn't make sense.



    10 dager siden


  39. afk_geozz


    10 dager siden

    They cpuld just do a corona test the day before or something and everything would have been ok

  40. francis fagbule

    francis fagbule

    10 dager siden

    This brings to the fore a common problem with FA in most countries. Because they are rich and famous, they think they are BIGGER than other Government agencies, and often try to bully them! The Brazilian health authority has NO blame here. (1) Their COVID-19 protocol was clear and in place months ago. Argentina & Brazilian FA could have requested for a waiver days before coming to Brazil, and they didn't. (2) Argentina FA committed a "crime" by returning an incomplete form. (3) Brazil Health authority met with both FAs more 24 hours before the match and insisted the players quarantine in their hotels but won't be DEPORTED. (4) They published (made public) 3 hours before the match that those players are not expected in the stadium. (5) They found out AFTER Argentina left the hotel that their rules had been flouted. (6) If the health authority waited till the match finished, what would have happened then? They had to let the FAs know that they are NOT bigger than the Government. Kudos to them, and shame on the FAs, especially Argentina FA that lied on the form.

  41. aft boom

    aft boom

    10 dager siden

    Imagine if most English players playing abroad and uk government stop them playing international matches 🌚 in UK

  42. SupermanWhereAreYouNow?


    10 dager siden

    If they were regular joes...would theu be fined and deported for lying? But for super stars..special treatments?

  43. Lau Castro

    Lau Castro

    10 dager siden

    Brasil armando show para no perder de nuevo contra Argentina fin de la historia jajajaaa

  44. Danilo


    10 dager siden

    This only happened because England useless covid immigration rules

  45. Pedro Riva Repetti

    Pedro Riva Repetti

    10 dager siden

    No more politics on sports please...

  46. Neal Piron

    Neal Piron

    10 dager siden

    Why dont they just covid test these boys every 5mins before and after the game? This is so dumb

  47. Jesus Heyman

    Jesus Heyman

    10 dager siden

    People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin

    • Alan Richards

      Alan Richards

      10 dager siden

      Text him on What's app⬆️💯

    • Alan Richards

      Alan Richards

      10 dager siden


    • Alan Richards

      Alan Richards

      10 dager siden


    • Alan Richards

      Alan Richards

      10 dager siden


    • Williams Giroud

      Williams Giroud

      10 dager siden

      How do I start trading with Edward Martin's

  48. Flash Games

    Flash Games

    10 dager siden

    The assorted ellipse suprisingly polish because capricorn parenthetically deserve times a naive pvc. wide, round badge

  49. paulgoodwin81


    10 dager siden

    FIFA need to wake up. Its just all about money to them. Not peoples health.

  50. Amirbeg Begović

    Amirbeg Begović

    10 dager siden

    Covididiots, I wish you good slawery

  51. Trevor Gittens

    Trevor Gittens

    10 dager siden

    Argentina was always a question mark dangling n front of the world, the fact that they lie 2 d Brazil authorities, show the respect they exhibit for the safety of the people of Brazil. The fact that they have lie, broke all protocol, points go 2 Brazil.

  52. Vanlalfawna Fawna

    Vanlalfawna Fawna

    10 dager siden

    Comparing with Euro, South American is a little backward in everything they are compareable

  53. Elliott Baker

    Elliott Baker

    10 dager siden

    And they still walked away with more points than Arsenal

  54. Jason Alder

    Jason Alder

    10 dager siden

    Chinese sleeves must be full of laughter.

  55. Agustin Acosta

    Agustin Acosta

    10 dager siden

    Political stunt by the Brazilian side that knew they would lose twice in their country. COMNEBOL had an agreement approved by the sanitary government orgs if each country participating with strict protocol. You can’t sign an agreement to make an exception and then nullify it. Especially if they had three days, these are famous soccer players immigration service in Brazil knows who they are.

  56. Kim Mazzone

    Kim Mazzone

    10 dager siden

    Love a bit of the Lengendinho.

  57. Máximo Sosa

    Máximo Sosa

    10 dager siden

    In the Copa América this year public werent allowed. But for the final game surprisingly the allowed 30% of fans to assist (what would happened if Brazil hadnt made it to the final?)

    • Marcio Souza

      Marcio Souza

      10 dager siden

      São Paulo authorities loose EVERYONEs restrictions. The world doesn't work around soccer calendar... or your conspiracies.

  58. shellsbignumber2


    10 dager siden

    Tim knows his stuff.

  59. MaX Falstein

    MaX Falstein

    10 dager siden

    This was all to secure a walkout win for Brazil.

    • MaX Falstein

      MaX Falstein

      10 dager siden

      @Random NOnetr the Brazil players were not released by their clubs - I think Tim said that.

    • Random Youtuber

      Random Youtuber

      10 dager siden

      In that case why are the Brazil players who play in England not in the Brazil squad? It is more the other way!

  60. kirk yyz

    kirk yyz

    10 dager siden

    Europe and England and FIFA is a piece of @#£@ making up red list as if they are better than other people ..when they had more covid

  61. badtrippin


    10 dager siden

    by the end it was a legal problem made by those national soccer organizations, who ignored the local law and negotiated behind sanitary health authorities knowledgement. If Argentinian organization told the truth since the beggining, the government could allow the players to stay on Brazil (even though Brazil is living a political and social clash atm)

  62. Ektopik


    10 dager siden

    European qualifiers in the back, literally couldn’t care less we bottled euro final

  63. GD Top goals of every weekend

    GD Top goals of every weekend

    10 dager siden

    Wow l love this channel

  64. Haroldo


    10 dager siden

    A N V I S A 👏👏👏👏🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  65. Kaustuv Sircar

    Kaustuv Sircar

    10 dager siden

    It wasn't Brazil vs Argentina.. it was Brazil vs UK.. political ego led Brazil to make a sensational point through a dramatic intervention.. and the world missed out on a great match.. pathetic..

  66. Ian Brew

    Ian Brew

    10 dager siden

    Anyone else being deafened by the whistle in that presenters teeth??

  67. Amit


    10 dager siden

    Argentina did not go with law of the land. They would not dare to do so in US/UK

  68. matt Llewellyn

    matt Llewellyn

    10 dager siden

    If they were going to catch it they would of in that 5 minutes. What a farce!!!! Fifa will slip them a few quid to turn the other way.

  69. Testman Gadget

    Testman Gadget

    10 dager siden

    Brazil = banana republic. Confirmed.

  70. Rocky Stonejaw

    Rocky Stonejaw

    10 dager siden

    Farcical 😂

  71. Hassan M

    Hassan M

    10 dager siden

    More Tim Vickery please.

  72. Yung ML

    Yung ML

    10 dager siden

    "South American Football Expert" *cannot pronounce Lo Celso*

    • Rafael Jmitidiero

      Rafael Jmitidiero

      10 dager siden

      Well, he stills the best portuguese speaker non-native i've ever heard

  73. José David Correa Pérez

    José David Correa Pérez

    10 dager siden

    Brasilian gov last year: Covid is a joke Brasilian gov now: This is to be taken seriously

    • Marco Túlio

      Marco Túlio

      10 dager siden

      Not really the government. That's one of the greatest things of Brazil is that our public servants jobs are very hard to fire so they can do their jobs without suffering from political interference. In this case there's news from the Argentinian newspaper Clarin saying that the Brazilian president tried to force them to allow the match to continue but the Health Authorities just ignored his illegal order and ended the match anyways

  74. Aditya Mankare

    Aditya Mankare

    10 dager siden

    Tim Vickery >>

  75. Yurgen Benz

    Yurgen Benz

    10 dager siden

    Seems he is biased on Brazil. The Argentinian team were in Brazil for last 2/3 days. Where ere the officials those days. The whole world knows these 4 players played for EPL, then why they are allowed to enter inside Brazil. The team were announced 2 hours earlier from the match, why they didnt come then and solved.

  76. Carlos Germano

    Carlos Germano

    10 dager siden

    O argentinos pensam que o Brasil é brincadeira rsrrs

  77. Damian Roach

    Damian Roach

    11 dager siden

    Give the points to Brasilia and move on.

  78. patrick Harrigan

    patrick Harrigan

    11 dager siden

    Brazil are Embarrassing the copa America was a joke

  79. Taisa Titericz

    Taisa Titericz

    11 dager siden

    🤣🤣🤣 federal police and anvisa, my Brazil what is this!??? passed all limits!🤷🏼‍♀️

  80. Giusty Papety

    Giusty Papety

    11 dager siden

    Banana football confederation 🌮🌯🍕🍌🍌🍌🍍🍉🥭🥝🍅

  81. Manny Rivas

    Manny Rivas

    11 dager siden


  82. Foodways Distribution

    Foodways Distribution

    11 dager siden

    Since both teams had most of their players in the UK and there are no supporters. May be they should have played in wembley

  83. Michelle Bonardo

    Michelle Bonardo

    11 dager siden

    It was a set up to try to make us look bad.

  84. Afgun Assassinz

    Afgun Assassinz

    11 dager siden

    Well don Brazil 🇧🇷

  85. Rikki Chadwick

    Rikki Chadwick

    11 dager siden

    This is all stupidity, why am I even watching this, gotta have a hobby.

  86. Alastair S

    Alastair S

    11 dager siden

    Game had already started. Should've just kept playing.

  87. Unais Palanpadil

    Unais Palanpadil

    11 dager siden

    Fight between UK and Brazil. Very bad brazil

  88. DakonBlackblade2


    11 dager siden

    What actually happened: Brazil has a government related but independent agency (called ANVISA) that regulates any health related situations, they are the authority on these matters. They told Argentina that the 4 players hailing from England couldn't play, in fact they should stay quarantined in the hotel waiting for deportation. Someone from COMEBOL (even tough they had 0 authority) told Argentina they could play, it was fine. Argentina then broke Brazilian regulations and went to the pitch with the 4 players that could not play or leave the hotel. The Brazilian authorities went to the stadium (they tried to go to the hotel but Argentina had left already) to tell Argentina those 4 players needed to be removed from there immediately, but Argentina, alongside COMEBOL and apparently the Brazilian football association as well, barred the locker room and stopped the ANVISA agent from getting in there, so the agent simply contacted the Brazilian federal police and waited till the game started to apprehend the four players. If FIFA was serious not only should Argentina loose the match via WO, they should also be excluded from the World Cup, they knowingly and blatantly went against Brazil's health and safety regulations.

  89. Gab Gray

    Gab Gray

    11 dager siden

    Brazil is not allowed to host the match against Peru. CONMEBOL's decision

  90. Shohag Sarkar

    Shohag Sarkar

    11 dager siden

    Ha ha ...creazy country brazil ...

  91. Gary Peel

    Gary Peel

    11 dager siden

    Wonder why Argentina chose to lie and field those players? Would it not have been easier to replace them? Very strange move by Argentina..

  92. Andre Luis

    Andre Luis

    11 dager siden

    Hahaha... Bad day for FIFA. They thought they were powerful enough to break countries rules like they usually do but this finished yesterday... The rule is for all it doesn't matter if you are a big company, a football player or a singer!

  93. Maurilo Rezende

    Maurilo Rezende

    11 dager siden

    It's so easy to understand what happened... The Argentines LIED, FAKE DOCUMENTS... Simple... that's all! All that followed was a cascade of consequences. Argentines once again missed an opportunity to be honest and honorable and once again scored a hand goal.

  94. Agus


    11 dager siden

    The Brazilian authorities tried to reach the players before the game multiple times and even offered legal consultations to the team management guiding them on how to submit an exempt request. No action taken even after that. Congrats Brazil, for taking COVID seriously.

  95. waitingforapril


    11 dager siden

    Imposible for the Brazilian authorities not to know these players came from UK. There has been huge discusions since PL said they'd support clubs not letting CONMEBOL players go, and the subsequent decision for Brazilian players to stay and for the Argies to go--it was all over news throughout the process (here football news is also shown during regular news, so even if you are not interested in football you see it). And the players themselves tweeted they were coming, which was also in the news. Plus, dont they scan passports at the airport?? They come 3 days later, after they had multiple practices outside...if it wasn't a show for political purposes, I can't find an explanation.

  96. bhaskar sharma

    bhaskar sharma

    11 dager siden

    Well this confirms the theory- There's an English hand in every conflict 😂😂

  97. Dylan McEvoy

    Dylan McEvoy

    11 dager siden

    And Richarlison?

  98. lucas yagui

    lucas yagui

    11 dager siden

    argentina was the one who didnt want to play

  99. Harding Family

    Harding Family

    11 dager siden

    Health authorities have WAY too much power internationally

  100. Domlngo Ramos

    Domlngo Ramos

    11 dager siden


    • Larisssa Larissarr

      Larisssa Larissarr

      10 dager siden